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Quibblo is a site where users create their own quizzes, polls and surveys. The site is especially popular with teens, who use Quibblo to express themselves and learn more about the world and the people they share it with. We want to make sure Quibblo is a safe place for everyone, so it is important that we communicate with parents and work together to keep kids safe.

What Quibblo is Doing to Keep Kids Safe

  • Quibblo members must be 18 years of age or older. Quibblo will delete the accounts of members whom we find to be younger than age 18, or members we find to be misrepresenting their age.
  • At Quibblo we have no tolerance for harmful or offensive material. We have many measures in place to keep offensive and adult content off of Quibblo. We block certain inappropriate words, and Quibblo administrators review all content that is reported as offensive by our users. We terminate the accounts of any members who create content that violates our terms of service. If your kids encounter things that make them uncomfortable, we want to know. They should report it to Quibblo by either reporting the offensive content or letting us know via the contact us page.
  • Quiz comments will not display personal phone numbers or email addresses. If users attempt to share their telephone numbers or personal email addresses in the comments section of a quiz, these will not be displayed.
  • Members can block anyone who sends inappropriate messages. Members who receive inappropriate messages on Quibblo can block the person who sent that message, which means that they will not receive any more communication from that user.

What Parents Can Do to Keep Kids Safe on Quibblo

  • Know which sites your kids visit. Talk to your kids about which sites they visit, and where they have memberships. If you want to know if your teen is a Quibblo member, go to contact us and send us your teen’s email address.
  • Talk to your kids about what they do on Quibblo, how they communicate with others and how they represent themselves on Quibblo. Quibblo is a public website, and teens should understand that any information they post will be publically available. They should never attempt to share their phone number or personal email address with anyone on Quibblo.
  • Ask to see their quizzes and their Quibblo profile. Content on Quibblo is open and available for everyone to see, including parents. Ask your teen to show you some of the quizzes they’ve created, and look at their profile.
  • Quibblo is a public website. Like any public site, members must take responsibility for posting personally identifiable information. We do our best to filter out and block the posting of phone numbers, home addresses, and other personally identifiable information, in an effort to keep your kids safe.
  • The internet has a long memory. Talk to your kids about posting information they may regret or be embarrassed by down the road.
  • Ask your children to be careful when communicating with strangers on Quibblo. It's fun to meet new and interesting people on Quibblo, but members must be cautious when communicating with people that they don't know. They should let you know if they want to meet an online friend in person, and should always do so in a safe, public place.

For more information regarding online safety for children and parents, we recommend the following links:

If you have more questions, or would like to contact a Quibblo representative, please email us at

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