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The Four Temperaments - Personality Quiz

Are you Choleric, Sanguine, Melancholic or Phlegmatic?

Posted on October 04, 2017 by Quibblo

We recently wrote about the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types. Along with those 16 personality types, there are four basic temperaments that people are often classified under: Choleric, Sanguine, Melancholic, and Phlegmatic. Which are you? Take the quiz and find out!


Those who are of the choleric temperament tend to be ambitious and comfortable in leadership positions. They attack their tasks passionately, with aggression and zeal. They are typically adept at planning and and are efficient in their work, often inspiring others to do well due to their charismatic personalities. 

Cholerics can also be overly dominant or tyrannical, and may experience severe "moodiness" when they fail to meet their goals or experience set-backs. Many great military leaders and political figures are of the choleric temperament.

Famous Choleric Personalities: Mahatma Gandhi, Princess Diana, Plato, Ray Lewis


The likable personality type, Sanguines are typically sociable and charismatic. They enjoy and are adept at meeting and making new friends in social gatherings and are pleasant and confident. Sanguines are typically warm-hearted and compassionate, with a sensitive side. Creative and talkative, it is easy to see what draws people to sanguine personality types.

Their somewhat impulsive nature render some sanguines forgetful, which can manifest itself, in some cases, as chronic lateness. Sarcasm can also be a biting trait of a sanguine personality type.

Famous Sanguine Personalities: Elvis Presley, Pablo Picasso, Magic Johnson, Ernest Hemingway, Donald Trump


The true-blue introvert, the melancholic personality tends to be thoughtful, considerate, and ponderous. Those with a melancholic personality are creative and independent, preferring to do things alone in order to meet their own high standards. Melancholics can be schedule-oriented, often leading to perfectionism, and, as a result, can be difficult to please. However, procrastination is also typical, as melancholics tend to remain in the "planning stage" of a project for too long a time. Those with a melancholic personality prefer to remain in the background because of their generally cautious nature. 

Melancholics are susceptible to depression and moodiness, and can be self-oriented due to their innate introversion, which can in turn make them difficult to relate to. Many melancholics are highly creative, most noticeably in art, poetry, and invention.

Famous Melancholic Personalities: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, George Washington, Warren Buffett, Mother Teresa


Relaxed, content, and accepting, Phlegmatics can be rightfully labeled as the most easy-going of the four temperaments. They are often noticed for their kind, attentive and affectionate natures. They prefer to observe the life around them rather than take an active role in it, often endeavoring to inspire others to do good instead of taking action themselves. Although shy and quiet, Phlegmatics are often curious and diplomatic, as well as reliantly rational. 

Phlegmatics typically have a fear of change and uncertainty, and can be seen as stubborn and even lazy. They tend to deal with problems passive-aggressively rather than facing them head on.

Famous Phlegmatic Personalities: Bill Gates, Steve Wozniak, Albert Einstein, Walt Disney

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