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11 Photos That Prove Your Grandparents Are Cool

Little did you know, your parents and grandparents are actually awesome

Posted on November 02, 2017 by Quibblo

While you may think that all your grandparents do is play bingo and make quilts, they actually have some pretty cool stories. Check out these pictures that prove that even though they're old, your grandparents are probably cooler than you.

There's No Way You Wore That, Grandma!

Wait, You Drove a Porsche?

A Motorcycle? Why Didn't You Tell Me About That?

Grandpa, You Had Five Girlfriends All At Once?

So You Flew An Airplane and Hung Out With A Lion?!

Grandma, You Met Astronauts?

Did You Chase Grandpa Around on That Thing?

What Was The Name of Your Band, Grandpa?

You and Aunt Susan Were Dancers?

Nice Guitar, Gramps

Is That How You Texted In Class?


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