Stay Strong

Stay Strong

This is A Story Written By Me, TeamJacob And HPalltheWAY!

Chapter 1

Such A Surprise

I walked Into school with my Hood up and my Head Down. I tried to walk Directly to Home Room, But they were too clever For me.
"Oi!" She Shouted, Breaking Into a Run. I walked a Little faster, Almost to the Door. I felt someone grab Hold of My Bag. She Dragged Me into the Girls Toilets and up against the Wall. Her two friends, Jodie and Leah, walked In And started to laugh.
"She Just doesn't learn, Does She S?" Snarled Jodie, Taking over for S, Or Saxon as Is Known By Everyone Else. Jodie Grabbed my Bag, And threw On The Floor.
"Alright, Alright! Enough! Now Why Did you Come, Sllut?" Saxon Asked me, Or should I Say Demanded. I kept my Head Low.
"I Don't know." I replied Quietly.
"What's That? All I could Hear was The Terriefied Yelp Of a Sllutty, Little Rat!" The Bell Went, and she Punched Me on The Arm. I Yelped and They Laughed.
"See you at break" She Kicked My Bag In a Little Puddle of Wet, and Walked to Her Class. This Was How It was Most Days, When I Bothered to Come to School at all.
I Walked Into the Class Room, and Breathed Deeply. Everyone Stared.
"What Time is It Ginny McTagon?" Mr Webber Asked me.
"Umm, 9:04?" I Guessed.
"No, It's 9:10. Detention." And The Bell For 1st Period Rang. I almost Ran To English, So as Not to be Late. Then My Phone Rang. I Looked at the Caller ID. Great Just what I Needed, Dave.
"Hey Baby," He Slurred. He was Drunk. "Urrrr.... Lilly's Cryin, Waddu I Do?" He said. But I Didn't Answer. I walked out of School and Ran to the Bus stop. Luckily, The Bus was Just around the Corner. I knew I shouldn't of Left Him Alone with Her. He was an Acoholic, And She was a 7 Month Old Baby For Crying Out Loud!
"Single To Eccleswood, Please." I said and Handed Over the Money, and He tutted. There wasn't musch Room so I Sat Next This Girl at The Back.
"Hi!" She said, Like I'd known Her for Years.
"Hey?," I said. " Sorry, Do I Know you?"
"Proberly Not, I Just Moved Here From California."
"Are You Skiving?" She asked.
"No... Well.... Sort Of. But It Is an Emergency"
"Oh I see! Your Seeing your Boyfriend." She said Innocently. I Flinched.
"Sort Of. I'm Collecting My Daughter Off him." Her Eyes Grew Bigger, Surprised That I was a Mom. Everyone Was...

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