Stay Strong

Stay Strong

This is A Story Written By Me, TeamJacob And HPalltheWAY!

Chapter 3

Quite the Cryer? Well... Who Could Blame Her?

We Lived On the sixth Floor, and I could hear Lilly's Crys from the third. The Building wasn't Fancy. Graffitti On The walls and Pee in the Lifts, That Sort of Thing. We Lived in Number 382, Next to 380 and 384. I fumbled through My Bag and found my Key. I heared Lilly Scream Louder and shouted through the door:
"It's Okay Momma's Coming!
I Pushed My Weight against the Wall and the door creaked open. I saw Lily on her back on the floor and Dave On The sofa with a can of beer in his hand.
"Hey Baby!" He said getting up. He was about to step on Lily so I Quickly picked her up and put her In her Cot. Dave came over to My Ear and Whispered:
"Why Don't we Take advantage Of you Being here?" He said, Trying To Be suductive. But All My Feelings of that With Dave Were Gone. Dave Knew that I Didn't Like him in That Way, But his Terms with me still being here was That I Had to Have Sex With him at least once a day.
"Just Let me put Lily to sleep Yeah?" I said.
"Sure. I'll Be waiting..." He said Trailing off. The Flat Was Stinking of weed and Whiskey. I Hated Living here But me and Lily Have No where To go.
My Mom had Left me And My Dad. She was a Punk, Emma Reminded Me of Her. She Didn't Like being Settled Down. My Father and Mother Met in New York, Where My Father Worked, At The Time; My Mother was On Holiday. She and My Father Met In a Dodgy Nightclub and One Thing Led to another... Well you Get the Point. My Father felt bad about leaving Mom and He went after her To Florida. It was an Unhappy Relationship. My Father Is a Buisnessy Type of Man. He likes Things To Be Organised And Boring, But My Mother was A Full On Punk. Her Hair Was Bright Pink with Electric Blue Streaks. She always Had It Gelled Up In a Mohawk. My Father showed Me a Picture of That and I Can just Remember that I Laughed. My Mother left when I was 7 because she Found Someone Else. She always Sends Me a Birthday and a Christmas Card with $150 in it. I Never seemed to miss her. She Was Not needed. I always felt that I could Cope on My own but, Now I Know It's Not that Easy. Me and My Father Were Never close. He gave Me $10 Pocket Money a week, Increasing to $15 When I Got To 13 and cooked Dinner for me. He Did The Laundry, Did the Dishes and Every Normal Things And if I needed new clothes Or Shoes Then he would give me The Money. He Never gave Me a Hug Or Said I Love You. That's just the Way It was. Until I Met Dave. I Met him When I Was 14 and he was 16. At First he Didn't tell me He drank or Smoked. He would take me out to dinner and would Take me To The Movies. He sent me Romantic Texts and Brought me Gifts. I'd Felt wonderful with All this Love. I'd never Felt Love Before or What it was Like. He Took Me To A Party when I was 15. He said To Come and enjoy myself. To Relax and Have a Few Beers. We Had Sex For the First Time that Night and One Time Was Enough. I Had Lily 7 and 1/2 Months Later. As Soon as My Dad Found Out I was Pregnent He Told Me to Live With Dave. It was Best For Both Of Us. I Belived Him and Now here I am. I Picked Lily Up In My arms and Whispered:
"I Love You" I always Told Her this. I Didn't want her to feel Unloved. She was My Daughter and I wanted to Look after her. As soon As I Leave Shcool I am Going to Get a place of My Own. Away From Dave. She drifted to sleep easily, as always. I Put her Into the cot, Took a Deep Breath and walked Into Mine and Dave's Room. Quite the Cryer? Well Who Could Blame Her?

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