A Jacob Black Story

A Jacob Black Story

OH MY GODDDD!! Hiiiii. :] ♥ Woahh, it's been forever, I know. I am so so so soooo super sorry. Forgive me? D: Anyhooo, here's the next part! YAY! Sorry if it's not the best. Enjoy? :D

By the way, I sped time a little bit. Oh, and I am sooo loving the new Quibblo. :]

P.S. For the people who just started reading this story, I apologize for the title. I was twelve when I started writing this story. (;

Chapter 2

What goes around, comes around. [Jacob's POV]

I sat in the large, empty waiting room at the hospital. I was waiting for something, anything to happen. I needed answers. I wouldn't leave until I knew that she was okay. I looked around at the plain, boring room. It had death written all over it. I shivered at the word. I had to stop thinking about things like that. She'll be okay. She won't leave me.

I was pulled out of my thoughts as I heard the automatic doors of the hospital entrance, slide open. I could feel the strong, cold breeze of the late November night, hit my back. Another shiver ran down my back. I turned my attention to the doors, to see who would be coming in this late at night. I saw Kayla quickly walk over to the receptionist desk, asking for her best friend. The lady behind the desk gave her some answer that I couldn't exactly make out. She sighed, frustrated. I'm guessing that they were telling her just as much as they were telling me. Nothing. She looked around the room and spotted me. Her frantic eyes became a little calmer. "Jake!" She yelled, as she ran over to me. She sat next to me on the black, connected bench that seated three. "What happened?" She asked, searching for answers. "I don't know, Kayla. It happened so fast. One second, she was telling me that she didn't feel good. And then the next, she fainted. I didn't even know how to react. Maybe if I would have been a little faster, she wouldn't be in such bad condition." She quickly cut me off before I could say anymore. "Jake, it's not your fault. Don't blame yourself." I dropped my head into my hands, stressed. Kayla lightly embraced me in a hug. "It's going to be alright, Jake. Okay?" I nodded my head. Suddenly, I felt bad for once calling Kayla annoying. She was just as nice as any other person; I just never gave her a chance. "I'm going to go get some coffee. Do you need anything?" I shook my head. I wasn't in the mood to talk; I just wanted to know if everything was going to be fine. "Let me know if they tell you anything." I gave her another quick nod. She slowly stood up, and began to walk into a different area of the hospital.

I looked up at the clock, hoping that time went faster than it normally did. Its funny how only five minutes passed when it felt like it's been two hours. I guess what comes around, goes around. She was in my spot before; wondering if I would wake up, waiting for answers that weren't guarenteed. I heard a door open. I didn't turn my attention to it, expecting it to be Kayla. "Is there a Jacob Black here?" I turned around quickly when I heard the man call my name. I walked over to the man, hoping he would give me the answers I've been wanting. "I'm Jacob. Is _ okay?" He sighed and I could tell that wasn't good. "Basically, the sickness she has makes her whole body weaker and weaker the longer she has it." Like I said, death was written all over this place. "So like cancer?" I couldn't grasp the thought of her having cancer. He debated that in his head for a minute. "I guess you could compare it to something like cancer, but it's not cancer. Cancer is much more deadly. The only similarity is that it's not something you're born with, it's something that happens in your body." That was a relief, but it also just added more stress. "Deadly?" "The sickness can go both ways. She can recover slowly and be fine, or it could take a turn for the worse." I wanted to just break down right there. "She can die from it?!" He nodded, sadly. "It's possible. Are you the only one here to see her?" As if on cue, Kayla walked back into the waiting room. When she spotted us talking, she quickly walked over to us. "Is she okay?!" Her frantic expression was back. The doctor's look of sadness returned. I turned to her, "Kayla, she can die from it." Her face went from frantic to horrified. The cup she was holding in her hands fell to the floor, causing coffee to spill everywhere. "Oh my god," She said in short, hushed breaths. She stood there in shock, completely uaware of what she just did. I grabbed her by her arms and shook her slightly. "Kayla!" Her eyes came back to reality. She looked at my face and then down at the empty cup and puddle on the floor. "Oh god! I'm so sorry!" She bent down to pick up the cup, but the doctor stopped her. "Don't worry about it. I'll find someone to clean it up. Just go see her right now, she could use some company." We both nodded and the doctor opened the door that led down the long, bright, white hallway. Our walk was silent as the doctor led us the way to her room. Kayla and I walked in and the doctor shut the door for us. As soon as I saw her in the bed, I felt sick. She had, what looked like, ten machines hooked up to her body, even thought I knew it was much less than that. Her expression instantly brightened up as soon as she saw us. Kayla ran over to her and hugged her gently, making sure not to put any pressure on her. "How are you feeling?" She asked, hiding what she knew. "Just a few pains here and there, but other than that, I'm fine." "You better get better, okay? I just got my best friend back," They both laughed. "I promise I'm going to be fine." How could they both be laughing at a time like this?

I cleared my throat, getting both of their attention. "Um, Kayla, could I have a minute alone with her?" She nodded, "Yeah, of course." "Thanks." She smiled slightly and walked out of the room. I grabbed the chair that was sitting in the corner of the room, and pulled it over to the side of her bed. I grabbed her hand in mine. "I guess it's my turn to be scared," I said, with a small smile. She looked at me confused. "What do you mean?" "All those times that you sat there waiting for me to get better, all those times that I went on patrol and you sat there wondering if I would ever come back okay. I never realized what I was putting you through and if it feels like this, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." Her eyes softened. "Jake, stop that. I don't regret all of those things. If it means I get to be with you forever, then its worth it." How could she say that? If this is really what she went through, how could she make it sound so easy? "It's not that simple. I've never been this scared before." "Don't be. I'm going to be fine." I shook my head, she wasn't getting it. "You can die from this," I whispered. I cringed at the thought of losing her forever. "Jake, do you remember the fight?" I nodded my head. "Do you remember how bad you were hurt?" I nodded my head again. Where was she going with this? She took in a deep breath before continuing, "I sat by your bed every single day. I wouldn't move. I wouldn't even look away from you because I thought that if I did, that would have been the last time I would have ever been able to. I was scared to death, Jake. They told me that they weren't sure if you would be okay. They said they weren't even sure if you would live, but I never gave up. I remember sitting there, talking to you, hoping that you would be able to hear me, just in case that was the last time you would ever be able to hear my voice," She paused for a minute, "Did you hear me when I talked to you?" I shook my head no, too lost in her words to speak. "Well, I talked to you anyways. I told you that I loved you and I asked you not to leave me because I wouldn't know what to do if you did. I always had to remind myself that you wouldn't do that to me. Even though I wasn't sure that was true, I had to believe in it." I never knew that was the way she felt. That guilt was kicking back in again as I thought about what she said. "I'm not going to leave you, Jake. You didn't leave me and I'm not going to leave you. Promise."


I know it has taken me FOREVER to write this and I know it's probably not the best either. I'm sorry about both of those, but at least it's something, right?" :D I know everyone probably wasn't expecting this, but I like making people sad, what can I say? :] Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this!

OHH! & this is basically for the newer people on Quibblo that read my story. Okay, so first, I get so many questions asking where the other parts of my story are and if you go to my profile, you'll find all of them. Second, I just wanted to say that I apologize for the title. I started writing this when I was twelve, so the title is very basic. I hate the title too, so no worries. & third, just so everyone knows, I apologize for this (__) little thing too. When I started writing this, EVERYONE on Quibblo used that so other people could insert their name. So I just did the same thing. I love how much people love this story, but I really hate the story at the same time for those reasons. So again, I'm sorry. But I still hope that you enjoy my story! :D

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