7 minutes in Heaven

7 minutes in Heaven

Your friend Mimi invited you to her birthday party. She decided to play 7 minutes in Heaven. You take a number out of the cup. "Number 8!" you shouted. "Here!" said a boy somewhere in the room.

Chapter 1

Your Partner

by: Amberii
The voice's source stood up. You noticed he was sexy. You realized his name was Sam. "Shall we?" Sam said very gentle-men like. You walk in the closet and Sam opens the door for u. You blush and say "Thank You!" When you walk into the closet, you said,"Hi! My name's _____!" Sam says, "That's a really pretty name;)" You blush even more. Then Sam suddenly says,"____! I can't take it anymore! I like you a lot! I just thought you were really sexy when i first saw you. You reply by making out with him. Sam looked very surprised. "So i guess you like me too?" You reply by pushing your hand down Sam pants and start stroking Sam d!ck very gently. He moans and you like that. You start unzipping his pants. He takes off your shirt and bra. After that, you take off his shirt, then Sam starts kissing you down the neck. You moan a little, and Sam notices. He hits your sweet spot then you moan loudly. After that you start having it. Mimi yells TIME'S UP! She opens the door then Sam closes it and locks it. You keep having it for 30 minutes. When you were finally done, you put your clothes back on then Sam asked you out. 5 years later, you guys have babies. 5 to be exact. Then 2 years later, Sam dies in a car crash because he was riding in the car with a really drunk man. You get depressed and give your kids away and shoot yourself. Then you live happily in Heaven, just like 7 years ago.


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