Tak Attack!

Tak Attack!

He thought she was gone for good...

He thought that he'd gotten rid of her...

Until that horrible winter day...

Tak comes back and it's bad news for ZIM. Now, he must attempt to join forces with the Dib and destroy Tak once more, only to find out that Dib isn't on his side once again. It's up to ZIM, Gir, and Gaz to fight off Tak and her evil army of obidient Irken and Meekrobian soldiers...

Chapter 1

After Vacation...

ZIM heard his alarm clock buzzing. He woke up and put his finger on the snooze button. Robo-mom came whirring into ZIM's room. "Time to get up dear." she said. ZIM made a grunting noise and rolled over. Robo-mom started to short circuit and get angry. "Get up this minute young man and brush your teeth before I have to get your father in here!" ZIM looked up at robo-mom and lifted up his arm. He then flipped her off and rolled over to keep sleeping. "Ugh! You just wait until your father hears about this!" And she rolled out of the room. ZIM sighed and decided that he was already awake now, so he may as well get up.
ZIM walked downstairs and saw GIR making bacon and waffles. ZIM made a little gagging noise and put his hands over his mouth. "Awwwww.... does my masta want waffles to make him feel better?" ZIM gagged again "No GIR" gag I don't want any gag waffles gag gag" He then ran out the door. "Haaa, fresh air, said ZIM. He then walked to the end of the walkway and waited for the bus to come pick him up.

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