Chapter 1


"Soph?" Aiden leaned forward and shadowed his eyes from the sunlight, "that you?"
The shadow slowly came closer, until Aiden could see a petite brunette with a navy blue and white stripped top, "No way, Aiden? What--"
Aiden smiled and walked towards the girl, he now knew was Sophie Taylor. He ran over to her and grabbed her in a hug, she laughed and wriggled out. Sophie inspected Aiden then narrowed her eye brows. "What are you doing here?"
"You don't want me here?"
"Well no, I didnt say that--"
"Fine! I'll just go." Aiden turned around and began walking away, smiling.
"Aiden, get back here dummy." He turned around and she smiled, and folded her arms, "Are you back?" Aiden nodded. Sophie took a deep breath, "For good?" Aiden nodded again. Sophie smiled, ran to him and gave him a hug. They didnt release each other from their grasps until they heard someone cough.
"Jared." Sophie said, she smiled and walked over to him, and intwined her fingers in his.
"Hey was I interrupting?" He asked.
"No-- No, Jare, remember the guy I used to tell you about?" Jared knit his eyebrows, "The one that moved away a short time before I met you."
Jared raised his eyebrows and nodded, "Ah."
"I'm Aiden." Aiden said, extending his arm,
"Trust me, I know." Jared said, ignoring Aidens gesture. Sophie gave him a funny look, which he also ignored, "Soph, you still need that drive?"
Sophie nodded and looked back at Aiden, "Girls night." She said, with a smile. "But I'm sure whatever Jared's doing, you can tag along."
"Uh, it's alright."
"No no, dude come." Jared said. Aiden looked at Sophie, to Jared and back at Sophie. She smiled at him reassuringly.
"Okay, sure. Why not."

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