Not all slytherins are the same!! :(

Your Name is Rose Malfoy.
Age 11
Family Lucious malfoy Narcissa? Malfoy and Draco Malfoy
Pure blood family. Your 1st year at hogwarts.
All family so far have been in Slytherin your next to be sorted.

Chapter 1


"Rose Malfoy!" called out professor McGonnagel from her list of first years. You walked up to the stool and sat down, the dusty faded sorting hat was placed on ur head.
"mm... Interesting.. Very Brave... But cunning aswell. But where to put you?..... SLYTHERIN!" he yelled out. There was a loud cheer from a table at the far side. You headed for that table. You sat beside your brother Draco. He had blonde hair. pale skin and grey eyes. You on the other hand had curly golden hair nd Blue eyes.More people were called out. One of the weasleys( who draco and father always spoke badly of) Ginny you think it was, was put into griffendor. Then the head master began a long speech........!!

couple of weeks later

You walked on your own to potions with professor Snape and the griffrndors. You and Ginny were kinda friends... She doesn't hate you and you don't hate her. You sat beside her in potions. The only thing was her brother Ron didn't like thr thought of you 2 being friends. Truethfully you kind of liked Ron. Harry liked you as a friend aswell and so did Hermoine..
Roses pint of view from now on!!
It was all my father's fault Ron didn;t like me!! I don't think their blood traitors at all! I try to talkk to him but hr just ignored me the whole time! :(

Harry's pov...

"Ron She's not like Malfoy at all!" Me and Hermoine were trying to get Ron to cime to his senses!! But that was like trying to get him to believe malfoys not a git! :/ "NO, there all the same, all slimey gits!" he practically yelled. Then we heard someone begin to cry! IT was Rose!!!!! :O
Ron looked kind of ashamed of himself. "um... I betta go apologise(sp.) " Ron said.

ron's pov

O no this is not good. I have to admit, she is not as bad as Malfoy, But there still blood related! I walked down the stairs and heard Rose crying in a deserted class room. I walked in.
"Uhhh... Hallo... Rose i am sooo soryy" when i said she looked at me and said: " You know sumtng.. I HATE BEING A MALFOY!!! I am always treated differently just because i'm pureblood.. i'd rather be muggle born!!" She began to cry harder... I couldn't stop myself, I went over an hugged her. She was shocked at this! "I thought You hated me!?!?!" She said.
"I don't.. I just hate.. NO OFfeNCE!! the rest of your family.. I thought You would be like the rest of them.. Saying my families a blood traitor."

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