Silver Snitch-An Oliver Wood love story

Silver Snitch-An Oliver Wood love story

i decided to make a Oliver Wood Story!
Name: Abigail West
Hair:Curly Light brown hair
eyes:Mossy green
Body:Tall and athletic
Attitude: Sweet, Open,loyal, brave,curious,

Chapter 1

In the Beginning

I stood waiting for my name to be called. "West, Abigail!"I walked up and sat on the stool. I felt the hat upon my head. "Well! you would do well in Ravenclaw with your sister and be welcomed into Hufflepuff.Perhaps Slytherin is your home! No you belong in...Gryffindor!" I grinned and ran to the table sheering. "Wood, Oliver!" I glanced up. a hansom boy with brown hair and eyes walked up to the hat. "uh yes! no doubt we have another....Gryffindor!!"I cheered loudly and he cam and sat next to me."Hi! I'm Abby!" I smiled. "Oliver!" He shook my outstretched hand. After" Dumbledor gave his speech, we dug into the feast. "so tell me about your self..."Oliver laughed. "well um...I'm a pure blood. My father is an aura. I have 5 siblings.Second oldest is in her 6th year here. She's in Ravenclaw..." I say. "wow!" i laugh and nod."Well 'm a pure blood as well. i have a baby sister....not here yet." We finished and went to the common room. I sat by the fire with Oliver. We talked for hours. "Well i;m gonna go to sleep It was nice meeting you!" I yawned. "yeah...see you tomorrow!" He hugged me and i went to find my room. A girl was already there brushing out her short caramel hair. "Hi! I'm Abigail!" She spun around, her gray eyes wide with shock. "oh! I'm Ella! is this your first year?" I nodded and sat on my bed."Cool this is my third!" She smiled and set her brush down. I changed into pajamas and curled up in my bed. i was soon asleep.Next morning i got my classes. I ran to see wait classes i had with Oliver but Ella was standing in the doorway to the Great Hall."oh Abby! you better hurry! you don't want to be late!" "But i haven't ate! and it's still early!" I complained. "Shh no buts! hurry up!" She gasped rushing toward the dungeons. I blinked and ran down to my first class, potions with Snape. I walked in and only 4 kids were there. I sighed and sat in one of the front desks. I pulled out what was needed for class today.

So far that's it! i know it's short! Please comment and I'll write more :)

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