Katy (A new romance story)

Chapter 1

Ch. One

"Hurry up, Katy."
"I'm not going."
"Katy, quit talking back. You have to go, its your cousins wedding, you can't just not go."
"Yes, I can."
"Katy. Get ready. Now." Katy rolled her eyes at her Mom as she shut the door behind her as she left. She turned around and stared at the navy blue halter dress lying on her bed. It was a pretty dress, it went a little above the knees, and had a small embroidery on the chest-- but just because it was pretty didn't mean she wanted to wear it.
Her cousin was getting married that night, and Katy wasn't mad at the fact-- not at all. She was happy for her cousin.. She just hated the fact that she was going to have to a) sit at the table with her parents all night, hearing them talk her into choosing a university for next year, or b) babysit all of her little cousins.. and their was a lot of them.
Katy got up off her bed and shrugged on the stupid dress. She knew there was no use fighting with her parents about going, because one way or another her parents would find a way to get her there. She walked over to her full length mirror and inspected herself. She flattened the silk, so all of the bumps were gone and tilted her head. She usually didn't like navy blue because it flushed out her skin tone, making her much paler then she was but other then that it looked pretty good.
Until she looked at her face. Her make-up was half-way down her cheek from not washing it off the night before, and her hair looked like a bird made a nest on the top of her head. Dang.
"Sweet-heart! You look great!" Katy jumped when she saw her Mom standing behind her.
"Mom, you know how to knock. Right?"
"Sorry hunny! I just needed to make sure you were getting ready. But hm-- Make sure to do something about that." Her Mom said, circling her hand around Katy's face.
"Thanks Mom. Go away now."
"I'm going!"
"Okay.. Bye"
Katy heard her Mom shut the door, and sunk down in her bed, she looked at the clock. 3:12. Okay. Hair and make-up time.

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