After leaving his small town, and becoming one of the worlds most famous teen actos, Tj decides to pay a little visit back to his small home town, the place where everything started. His main goal was to reunite with his friends, and ask some certain people for forgiveness, but after seeing that one of the most important people in his life doesn't want anything to do with him, the summer gets a little difficult.

Chapter 1


I stood outside the long, wide oak doors, and took in a deep breath. Everything looked the same from when I left, almost nothing changed, other then the fixing they did to one of the 2nd floor windows.
I looked at the red bricked school, and almost forgot why I came. And then it all rushed back to me. I came back because I haven't seen the people who meant the most to me for almost a year. I came back because I wanted to know how they were. I came back to see all my family. I came back to get away from all the craziness back in Hollywood.
I kept reminding myself why I was here, building momentum, and slowly inching forward towards the doors. I grabbed onto the handle and pulled it open, as soon as it opened, the end of the day bell went, and people filed into the hall. Everyone was cheering, sighing and smiling because the school year was finally done. They were finally out of school, and from the looks of everyone's faces they were so ready for summer break.
And then a few people spotted me, so I took a couple steps forward. People whispered, pointed, called over to me, and some even took pictures but I continued walking. I really didn't know where to walk, since I had no idea where they were going to be.
I turned into a hallway, and I saw a group of guys, with a group of girls behind them. Then I saw her. She looked basically the same, other then her hair being now down to the middle of her back, and her skin was not as pale. She seemed interested in one of her friends stories, and threw her head back in laughter. I looked a little more to the right of her, to the group of guys, and gave a loud cough. Loud enough that everyone looked over at me.
I looked back at her, and her smile was faded now. She looked at me distastefully, as if she just drank spoiled milk.
"No way!" One of the guys shouted. I looked back over to the group of guys, now running towards me, Colin in the front.
"T.J!" He hollered, leaping on top of me. I grabbed a hold of the locker nearby to steady myself,
"Colin." I wrapped my arms around him and gave him a hug, "I've missed you, man."
"Hey! I never went anywhere." He said stepping back, "How you been? Why are you back? Don't you have some movie to star in or a photo shoot or something?"
"Nah, it's summer break. I needed a break."
Colin nodded, agreeing with me, "Yeah, you probably do. Well, it's good to have you back."
I was glad to be back. I was glad to see Colin, to see all of these familiar faces. Colin was one of the people I've known since I was in diapers. He was always there for me, he always backed up my decisions. He was always my friend, one of my few true friends.
I looked past Colin at her again. She was talking to her friends, but was obviously distracted. She wasn't listening as much as she was before, but she kept forcing a smile and nodding. Colin turned his head to see what I was looking at,
"Taya." He said, looking back at me, I nodded, "I don't think she'll come over here, Tj."
"Why not?"
"I don't think she's fully forgiven you." I looked back behind Colin again. A guy I didn't notice walked up to her and wrapped his arms around her, she smiled and pecked him on the cheeks, Colin looked back and narrowed his eyes, "But she has moved on."
I wanted to ask him questions, like how long she's been with this guy who's the size of the hulk, or if she's ever mentioned me, how she is, and more but before I could ask one a bunch of guys ran up to me and poked me on the shoulder.
"Oh my god! Tj Henderson! Ah!" One of them squealed, she looked at me and smiled, "Do you remember me?" I blushed and looked down, I really didn't.
She did look familiar though, "Um.. I'm sorry, no."
She narrowed her eyebrows, and then smiled and nodded, "Understandable, I mean you did meet so many people this year. But um, you wouldn't mind if my friends and I took a picture with you, right?"
I shook my head, and her group of friends came to both of my sides. They took the picture and walked off after saying thank-you. I turned back to see if Taya was still there, but she was walking out the back doors. And right before she left she turned back and looked at me again with that same, shamed look.


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