Chapter 1

The Arrival

"Where are they?" Georgia Neilson whined, "We've been waiting here for 25 minutes."
"They'll be here." Sara Clarkson assured, she checked her watch, 4:25, "I think.."
Sara leaned back against the hard brick wall and took a deep breath. Warm, humid air filled her nostrils, and she sighed. Finally, after what seemed like forever she was actually here, in Florida.
She's been preparing for this day for a long time, Georgia too. They'd move to Florida for a year, before going off to College, and just have a great time.
"Sara.. You promised an amazing summer, and so far, this is not the way to start out."
"Relax Gee, they'll be--"
"SARA! Sara heard a deep voice calling her from afar, she turned around and she saw them,
Tyler and Sam. Identical twins. Identical tall, muscular, tanned twins. And although they looked the same, they were pretty different.
Sam was the more courageous, outgoing, flirty one. A girl was usually wrapped around his arms. He had slightly darker hair then Tyler, and darker eyes.
Tyler was the quiet one. He spoke, and he was just as funny as Sam, if he knew you well enough. Girls were so interested in Tyler because he was so hard to get, and he was sweet to everyone. He wasn't as athletic as Sam, because he preferred to play his guitar.
"Damn." Georgia said beneath her breath, "You sure know how to pick 'em." Sara rolled her eyes, "Hey guys!" She said, hugging the both of them when they were close enough,
"Sara! You look amazing." Sam said with a crooked smile, "This is your friend?"
"Yeah, Sam, Tyler, this is Georgia."
"Hey." Tyler said with a shy smile,
"Why hello." Sam said with a wink. Georgia laughed and waved,
"So, where are we staying?" Sara asked, pointing to Georgia and herself.
"Right.. Um.." Sam struggled to find the right words. "You see there's been a bit of a problem."
"Not really a problem," Tyler said, eyeing his brother, "just that the guy we were renting the 2 villas from, kind of forgot we got the 2nd villa, and gave it away to someone else."
"But, our villa, has 3 rooms, and me and Sam won't mind letting you guys stay with us, until we can work something out. And there's 2 floors, so the 2nd floor is all yours, unless you want to have the 1st floor, its not a big deal to us, we can make do--"
"Its fine." Sara cut in, "Really." Georgia pulled Sara away,
"Not fine. You've seen me in the morning. I can't allow them to see me like that, its horrible!"
Sara smiled and turned back around, "Does the 2nd floor have a washroom?"


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