Carly (A romance novel)

Chapter 1

Chapter One

"Carly, I'll just come over after okay?" Jason said rolling his eyes,
"It's our one year, Jason."
"I know that."
"So why can't you just be with me today? Why do they always have to get in the way?"
"Their my friends.."
"I'm your girlfriend."
Jason took a deep breath and held onto Carly by the shoulders. He had to bend down a little to look her straight in the eyes, "Look, Carly. I love you, you know that. But I've always put out my friends for you, so just let me be with them on this one day."
Carly shook herself out of Jason's grasp, "Whatever." She turned and started walking away, "But just so you know, you've never once put me in front of your friends. And of all day's to choose to be with your friends, you choose our anniversary."
Jason frowned, "Fine, I just won't go with them then. Happy?"
"Forget it, Jason. I wanted you to be with me, because you want to be. But I'm starting to think you don't even want to be in a relationship anymore."
"You're being ridiculous, Carly."
"Am I?" Jason stared at Carly, and thought for a bit,
"What are you trying to say?"
"What I'm trying to say is, until you find out who you care about more.. your boys, or me, then you can call me." Carly turned and started walking away,
"Carly! Stop being stupid."
"Hey, you alright?" Nick said, running up to Carly from down the hall. She didn't even realize the tear that was half way down her face.
"Oh what? Yeah, I'm good." Carly said, forcing a smile. She wiped away the tear, but after that one was gone, another one came. And then just didn't stop.
Nick pulled her in and hugged her, "Jason being a a'ss again?" Carly nodded, "He sure knows when to pick the day's to be a jerk, huh?"
Carly pulled away and frowned, "I think he forgot it was our one year, that's why he made plans. But you remembered.. I don't even think he cares anymore." Carly blushed at her voice cracking at the end of the sentance.
"I doubt that," Nick lied. He knew how Jason was, he knew that Carly could do so much better then him.


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