Bri (The Vampire Diaries) A new story.

Chapter 1

7:50 AM

"Elena!" Bri called. She stood on the sidewalk in front of Elena Gilbert's victorian styled house. Elena looked up startled, and her eyes widened when she saw her.
"Bri?" Bri smiled and walked over towards Elena slowly,
"Oh, so you do remember me?"
"How can I forget you Bri?" Elena smiled and wrapped her arms around the petite blonde, "How you been? Why'd you come to Mystic Falls? What's new?"
Bri laughed, "I've been good, I'm moving back, and a lot of things."
Elena's eyes narrowed, "Your moving back?"
"I know, I know. Weird, right? But yeah, I am. My Mom likes it here, my Dad doesn't.. Since their divorce, I chose to stay with my Mom, and she chose to move back here, since it was her choice."
"Oh my god, that's great! Bri, we've all missed you. How longs it been, 4 years now?"
"Almost five this January."
Elena nodded, "Are you coming back to school?"
Bri shook her head, "No, there's what, a couple weeks of school left? No point. But I see you have to go so I'll just be--"
"Elena?" A deep voice called. Bri twirled around to see a boy, around Elena's age, in a plaid shirt, and auburn hair.
"Stefan." Elena smiled, she walked over to him and slipped her hand in his, "Stefan, this is my old friend, Bri."
"Nice to meet you." Stefan smiled.
"Well, you too."
"Who's this?" Another voice said. Bri looked behind her shoulder to see a guy, around 20 walking towards them. He had a dark leather jacket on, dark shaggy hair and light, really light blue eyes.
"Why are you here?" Elena asked.
"School dance commity, silly."
"But you don't go--"
"Elena, a lot of people around town are helping. It's the end of the year dance, and plus.. I'm bored."
"As long as he stays out of trouble, then I think it'll be okay." Stefan said, raising his eyebrow up at Damon.
"Just a school dance." Damon shrugged, "Who's this?"
Damon looked Bri up and down, "Hi." He raised an eyebrow. Bri turned and looked at Elena. Elena rolled her eyes and shrugged,
"Hey." Bri said, looking back at Damon. Bri turned back to Elena, "Elena, I have to go. I promised my Mom I'd help her unpack."
"Oh," Elena said, with a nod, "Okay. We should go to the grill, tonight."
Bri smiled and nodded, "Yeah, sure. I'll text you."

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