9 Girls

Chapter 1


9 Girls

Alicia - Tall, olive skinned, italian, doesn't believe in high school relationships.

Tara - Petite, tanned, brunette, has had a boyfriend for 2 years.

Jesse - Petite, brunette, slight freckles, goes for younger guys even though she could get much older if she wanted.

Tegan - Red/Brown hair, tall, pale, big sense of humour, throws parties.

Melonie - Average blonde, who show's off certain features to get's guys attention, although she won't admit it, she's very innocent.

Alyssa - Big chested blonde, who has slept around, although no one would ever confront her for it.

Tasha - Blue eyes, brown hair. Tough but really pretty, has a lot of flings, doesn't mind long distance relationships.

Cara - Blonde, super skinny, think's she's tougher then she really is, compulsive liar.

Acelyn - Tall, Dirty blonde hair with highlights, actress, model.

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