Love In Falls (A Vampire Diaries Love Story)

Love In Falls (A Vampire Diaries Love Story)

Hi This Is my First Story So Any Comments Are Welcome. I Don't Realy Know Where The Story Is Going So Let's Hope I Find Out Soon. Oh and sorry for any spelling mistakes
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Chapter 1

A New Town, A New Country, A New Me?

"Are we there yet?" I asked for the second time since we started driving. Mystic Falls isn't that far from the airport they say, yeah we've been driving for 2 hours and flying for 16 from England, I should add. When they, my parents, said about moving to America i was fine with it I had no friends or other family apart from my parents to leave behind, but I thought they ment New York or maybe Dallas but no Mystic Falls a small town in Virginia.

"We're here, look there's the sign" my Dad said pointing out the window.
"And there's the house" my Mum said a few minuets later. She parked the car on the drive. As I got out of the car a tall woman with Ginger hair walked out of the house next to ours.
"Hi, you must be the Smith's, I'm Jenna." The woman said.
"Yeah we are. Nice to meet you Jenna, I'm Rose, this is my husband Fred" my Mum said pointing at my Dad who was getting the bags out of the boot. "and this is my daughter Nat" She said pointing at me as I helped Dad with the bags.
"Nice to meet y'all" Jenna said "I'll leave you to get setteled"
"Nah it's ok these two are ok with the bags do you want a cuppa?" my Mum said dragging Jenna in to our new house.

Me and Dad had brought all the bags in and put everything in it's place by the time Jenna left. I had, had a good look around my room in that time it had a en-suite, a balcony and a walk in wardrobe this place was better than England. I was starting to get hungry when Mum shouted saying we was going to somewhere called Mystic Grill. I took that they had food made sure I looked decent ran down stairs and got in the car.

"Jenna sugested it" Mum said as we pulled in to the car pak it had been a minute drive and this was the 5th thing she had said about Jenna.
"You hate her don't you Mum" I said sarcasticly. She gave me a death stare as I got out the car. They wasn't many people in Mystic Grill. As we walked in and found a table I looked around the room they where a couple of girls who looked like they were on the cheerleading squad, a group of american football fans and a tall Brunett, Brown eyed guy who was kinnda cute standing at a pool table.
"Would you like to place your order?" a waitress was asking.
"I think so" my parents said.
"I'll have a burger with chips and a coke please" I said after debating with myself for a few minutes.

"That must of been the nicest meal I have ever had in America" I said giggeling to myself then looking to see if that guy was still at the pool table. "Do you mind if I go and introduce myself to some people" I asked.
"of course not" my Mum Replied.
"Ok see ya" I said as I drank my last sip of coke and headed in pool boy's direction.
"It's nice she may finaly find some friends" I heard Mum say to Dad as i finally got to pool boy.

"Hi, I'm Nat, 17, from England and have lived in Mystic Falls for 5 Hours." I took a breath. "sorry about that"
"It's ok, I'm Jeremy. 15 and lived in Mystic Falls for um 15 years" We both stated laughing.
"Nice to meet you Jeremy" I said shakeing his hand.
"You too Nat, so your from England do you play pool over there?"
"Yeah, I'm the best pool playing person you will ever meet"
"Is that right, wanna prove it? Unless I am too Young for you?"
"Game on!" I said picking up a que. "And your not too young for me, your kinda cute"
"Thanks, um you too, not the cute the young bit. no i mean the cute bit." We both stated to giggle.

We played as we talked about how we was both loners and how he was there if I needed someone to sit with at dinner on Monday which scared me a bit as it is Sunday tomorow. Mum kept looking over and waving at both of us which was a bit embarassing.

As the gamed ended and I won a Brunette girl about my age walked up behind Jeremy pulling a face holding a guys hand he was also about my age kinda hot and had light brown hair. Then I looked behind them they was another guy about 20 dark brown hair and blue eyes. He was like the guy before but holy hot guy came to mind this time. Jeremy could tell they was behind him when he saw me stareing at the side of his head. he turned around.
"Hey sis" he kinda shouted.
"Hey Jere, Who this?" the girl asked. I was still stareing at holy hot guy who was getting a bit hotter as he had this smile on his face which if it was possible for people to melt I would be melting now.
"She's Nat" Jeremy ansewed for me "she's moved from England and has been living in mystic falls for 6 hours" He started to laught I joined in finally takeing my eyes away from oh so holy hot guy because he looked back at me, stupid I know,
"Yeah I'm Nat" I said shakeing her hand.
"I'm Elena, so your our new neighbour?"
"Um I dunno" I said embarrased. Then looked over at my parents who where talking to Jenna again.
"Oh is Jenna your Mum?" I asked putting the peices together.
"No um our parents died a few years ago she's our aunt" Jeremy said. The guy who was holding Elena's hand now had his am around her.
"Sorry I could never imagin how that must feel. I'm so so sorry" I said
"It's ok you wasn't to know" Elena said "oh I haven't introduced you yet Nat this is Stefan my boyfriend"
"Nice to meet you Stefan" I said shakeing the hand he wasn't holding Elena with.
"You too, Nat" Stefan said.
"And this is"
"I can introduce myself" holy hot guy said intrupting Elena. "Nice to meet you Nat" he said lifting my hand and kissing it. "I'm Damon, Damon Salvatore."

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