Curse of the Heaven

Curse of the Heaven

A story about how an admiration can grow into an obsession.

Chapter 1

I will never be the same person again(the introduction)

15.07.2001 9:30 a.m.

It's harder than one might expect it to be. A life of a 12 years old boy at the very beginning of the 3rd millennium is undoubtedly a wonderful experience, but it's also full of horror, foolish fears and unnecessary regrets. Your mind is split between your parents', friends' and your own thoughts. Once you have decided who you are and what do you want to be, it gets easier. I guess it's just a period I have to overcome. I hope so.

15.07.2001 11:15 a.m.

I remember every moment of our conversation. There she stands, so beautiful in her black-and-white dress. She's older than me, but I don't think that any of us feels the difference. She takes my hand and shakes it firmly.
"Happy birthday, you, little boy," she says and laughs. I know that she's just teasing me, but I can't stand her overlooking me. So I do the thing I know that she hates.
"Oh, thank you, Bluebeard," I snap back. She has an almost invisible female-moustache, which I find rather cute, but, when I first informed her about that, she slapped me. Hard. I had to walk around with a bloody cheek for days because of that. I was proud, though. You don't have a chance to get an injury because of your girl very often, do you? Even if she had been the one to hurt you...
"Do you really think that a boy who has just turned 12 can annoy me?” she asks me, stressing the words "just turned". Although she is still speaking in that melodious voice of hers, her tone has changed drastically, and, as I very well know from my experience, it doesn't mean anything good, so I quickly change the theme.
"Never mind. You probably want to meet my sister, don't you?"
"Yeah, you could show me where the little princess is. But you're probably looking forward for your birthday present, ain't you?"she smiles at me and opens her purse.
"Mhm, I am," I murmur. One thing that I have to admit, she's not very good at choosing presents. But at least she's not angry at me anymore. Her mood can change very quickly, and in situations like this it's very useful.
She has closed her handbag, and now she's hiding her hands behind the back. It's something quite small in size, so for a moment I feel a hope that it might be a mobile phone.
"Open it, open it!"she says, almost shouting from excitement. Her happy mood is catching, and I can't help but feel giddy, because it's my birthday, which is supposed to be a happy day with many presents, friends and birthday cakes, and why couldn't I be happy at least once a year? She hugs me, and her closeness and body heat makes me dizzy.
It's a summer time, time for love, time for happiness, time for birthdays, cakes, time for beach and water. Is it the time for us? I don't know. But, if there has been a person on this world who has really felt joyful, then it is me.
I tear the gift-wrapping, and see a little toy car.
A toy car. What does she think I am, really? An infant, probably. But I won't let that show. Just some seconds ago was the time of my life. I won’t let anyone-or anything, in my instance,-ruin that.
"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" I jump up-and-down, and I think I have almost fooled her. When I embrace her neck, the last shade of doubt disappears. We share something common, both of us-we trust other people too easily. It's not really something to be proud of, this quality. It's something you try to hide. But we know one another too well to hide something from each other. Or at least I am sure that she doesn't hide anything from me. As for me, I know that I am a liar. But there are secrets that can't be told. This one that I have is one from them, a secret that only my diary can keep. I am in love with my mother's sister, my aunt, my best friend and my soul mate. I am in love and it's going to last.

15.07.2001 11:30 a.m.

After I had received my present, Georgie ran to my sister. We are twins, and very close, although she doesn't know about my secret. I believe she's too concerned about her own crushes to even imagine something like that. Really, I don't think she has the slightest idea about me loving her favourite aunt. Maybe she has noticed that we're very close, but nothing more. If one sees a teenager boy talking with his aunt, the idea about him loving her is not the first to come in one's mind, right?
After a few minutes of talking, my sister, Martha, ran out in the garden, asking me about my present. She didn't seem that enthusiastic herself, so I felt free to look frustrated.
"A toy car," I sighed. "What about you?"
"I'm not any luckier. I got a new Barbie," she let out a small laugh. She's a tomboy, and she has never played with any doll-not even when she was 3 years old.
"When will they understand that we’re not children anymore?" I giggled, and then became serious again. "Hey, it's not fair! I don't even know who's coming to our birthday party! Roos, I suppose?"
"Yeah, Roos and Mariam, and Johnny, and...," she went on talking, but I heard just half of what she was saying, because I had just seen Georgie again, and I went into that stupid dreamy mood again.
"Hey, stop dreaming, Nick!' Martha waved her hands in front of my eyes. "It looks like you have just met the girl of your dreams," she laughed.
"Yeah. My dream girls. Standing there, in the kitchen. Mum...and Georgie. I just have to choose one of them," I said something that was supposed to seem sarcastic, but, as I really like Georgie, it must have sounded very weak.
"Looks like you’re falling for them, Nick," she smiled. "Today is your day. Ask them out. Or, the one that you have chosen. Ask her out. You won’t regret it."
Something in her tone warned me about that she might actually know the truth. I couldn't let it happen.
"Very funny, Martha. Remember, it's your day, too. What about finally kissing that boy you like? What was his name? Jack? Oh, Jack was your ex...Fred? Peter? Really, what was his name? You have had so many boys that I can't remember all of them!"
"Stop it, Nick!" she blushed. "If it wasn’t for Georgie, I would really think that you're in love, with you starting to deny everything about liking her. It's a joke, can you understand it? A joke. J-O-K-E."
"OK, but there's also no need for blushing so hard whenever I mention Fred's-no, Peter's name," I said, relieved that she really meant is just as a joke.
"You’re annoying. Wait, I see Roos by the gates! I have to go, bye!" she ran away rather hurriedly, happy that she didn't have to talk with me anymore. "Roos!"


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