Justin bieber? dude. no. (girls only)(part 6) read intro!!

Justin bieber? dude. no. (girls only)(part 6) read intro!!

hey y'all! thanks for the comments :) 8 comments this time! oh and thanks so much to potatoes12 she gave me some great ideas! so read her stories cuz her JB stories are super super good!
~~ Kat :D

Chapter 1


~ Normal POV ~
i felt bad about pretty much ditching Justin last night but i was really not in the mood to party. so Ryan offered to take me for ice cream and i happily agreed. he asked me out at goodberry's after i got my chocolate concrete with heath bar and he got a mint chocolate chip milkshake. he was really sweet. he asked me out on a date, to the movies tomorrow, and i said yes.
~ next day ~
i was getting dressed for my date. i curled my hair, and put on a cte dress that has been in my closet for so long.(outfit : http://www.polyvore.com/paige_date_ryan/set?id=28293131) and waited. he was 5 minutes early. "hey, WOW! you look so amazing! but then when don't you?" he said and winked at me. i giggled and said goodbye to my family. i jumped into Ryans car and we were off to lunch. i had an amazing time. after the date ryan dropped me off because he had plans with Justin but the whole time he was with him.
~ Justin POV ~
"DUDE! pause the game one more time and i'm gonna flush your freaking phone down the toilet!" justin screamed at me. "dude, chill out." he said to me. i rolled my eyes. "be right back i need to use the toilet." he said. we was gone and he forgot his phone. i knew i shouldnt have but i did anyways. he was texting.....Paige? what the frick? i started reading the conversation from the beginning:
R: hey gorgeous ;)
P: hehe hey :)
R: what are you up to?
P: listening to music, about to hang out with Lucy. i thought you were at Justins?
R: i am. we are just playing Xbox like usual.
P: oh. fun :)
R: eh. so what are you and lucy gonna do?

and that was the end of the convo. he was awaiting her reply. i put the phone back and sat down just as he came out of the bathroom. "did my phone ring?" he asked. "nope." i said and grabbed the controler. just then his phone buzzed. "hey justin, why dont we go to the beach. it's really nice out. plus all the girls here have boyfriends." he said. i just nodded. paige and lucy must be going to the beach. "sure." i said. i changed and we left.
~ Paige's POV ~
i was laying on the sand with Lucy next to me. i was wearing my new bikini. ( bathing suits : http://www.polyvore.com/paige_lucy_beach/set?id=28293619)
I heard someone say "excuse me, but your boyfriend must be a really lucky guy." i looked up and there stood my boyfriend. Ryan butler. i stood up quickly and hugged him. "what are you doing here?" i asked him. "justin and i decided to join you girls. oh how would you like to come to my soccer game tomorrow?" he asked, "i would love too! lets go in the water, i'm getting really hot!" i said and i grabbed his hand and we ran to the water. was that jealousy i saw in justins eyes?? thats weird. now he knows how i felt yesterday when he brought caitlin to the club. woah. did i seriously just think that? i had an awesome boyfriend.
he was tickling my sides and then it happened. he pushed me under a huge wave. he was so gonna get it. we started having a water war. today was awesome. i wonder what tomorrow will be like?.........................................


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