betrayed by a loved one, saved by another.

betrayed by a loved one, saved by another.

ok so this is based on inuyasha. its an anime show and the main character's name is Tinari. She is half lightning demon half wolf. the story starts out as her hating inuyasha, kagome etc. later on she meets kouga and then her backstabbing brother comes in the picture. an act of betrayal can go a long ways.

Chapter 1

Damn mutt

I hid in the trees horrified of what was going on around me. The love of my life Hiten, is fighting this half breed demon because of his stupid brother that took a human woman home for dinner. Apparently Manten killed that puny fox demon's father so that little boy is also in revenge. Great, I've fallen in love with a thunder brother and have to deal with his stupid brother.
Suddenly I see Manten falling from his cloud and hit the earth hard. Hiten went into a blind rage and took his brothers powers and jewel shards. I was compleatly horrifided and scared for my life. I felt my forehead to make sure that they didn't take my jewel shard.
I could see that human got an arrow ready to shoot him. I knew I shouldn't have blew my cover, but the sight of Hiten hurt would kill me. I lunged at the girl and pinned her to the ground. "Don't you dare shoot that at my boyfriend!"
"What the? Inuyasha help!" the girl yelled. I yelped in pain to the feel of a blade in my lower back.
There was a roar of anger coming from the sky and lightning flashing. "Don't. you dare touch my woman!" With that Hiten charged at Inuyasha and fought. I rolled down a hill bleeding in pain while staring into the sky watching them.
"Inuyasha be careful! He has five jewel shards!" The girl shouted.
"Will you shut up Kagome!? I know that!" The half breed shouted. There was thunder and lightning flashing around. Hiten was getting angrier by the minuet, I could feel it.
Just then Inuyasha went to the ground and made a powerful wave come from his sword and I saw my lover disappear into the air. I screamed as I felt a large part my life went away.
That little fox demon heard me. "Shouldn't we at least help her? I mean, she didn't really do anything."
"No shippo, that b.itch is just like those brothers that are dead. She will die soon enough." I heard the mutt reply.
I saw the girl walk closer to me. "What do you want? Come to kill me like your mutt did to my boyfriend?" I hissed. I sharp pain went through my body and I groaned.
She rolled me on my stomach and then sat down. "That wouldn't be very nice. And a girl like you shouldn't die like this, not after what somebody else did. Oh dear..."
"What is it Kagome?" Inuyasha groaned and got a little closer to me.
"Don't come close to me you stupid mutt." I hissed at him. He backed off and pointed his sword at my head.
"This wound isn't able to be healed have a jewel shard." Kagome sighed.
I can't let them know about the one in my forehead. Not that one. "No I don't. I guess I'll have to die like this won't I?" I cried (or so they thought).
"Kagome don't even think about it!" Inuyasha snapped.
"Well I can't leave her like this!" She put something in my back and I felt better. I felt amazing! "Here, have one of Hiten's jewel shards. It's the least I can do for you."
I sat up and glared at the three. "Just because you healed me doesn't mean I'm going to forgive you all too soon." Inuyasha snickered as I ran away from them.
I have no love, I have to worry about getting killed with the two jewel shards I have, and now I have an enemy. Inuyasha, one of these days I will find you and give you the same fate you gave Hiten.

a month later

You know, after morning over Hiten for a few weeks has been difficult. Not only that, but I think that hating Kagome, Shippo, and that mutt is kind of stupid. I'm iffy on the mutt though.
So anyways, I'm not to far from the east wolves cave. I thinking on joining them instead of going back to my brother Choji (Ch-o-ge). shudders My brother is such a jerk, and now that he's alpha in the north pack I'm more worried than ever. There's something in the air. What is it though? It's not the smell of food, nor the smell of flowers. My face went pale. Blood. A whole lot of it not to far from here.
I followed the scent to the birds of paradise's home and saw the mutt again! This time he wasn't alone though. There were two new humans, a monk, and a demon slayer? Now why would he do that? "Kagome, look! It's that one girl! Remember her?" I saw Shippo pointing at me. Then the others looked at me, even the eastern wolf pack did.
"What's going on?" I asked.
"Well you see, Koga took Kagome and when we came to find her the birds of paradise were fighting them and well you take a look yourself." The monk said.
He was quiet right. The mutt and Koga were fighting for something from the birds of paradise. "If your wondering, there's a jewel shard on the lead bird." He added.
I felt a tug on my pant leg and looked down. Shippo was there. "What's your name lady?"
"Tinari. It's just Tinari." I replied. I put a piece of my air behind my left ear. Shippo gasped.
"You're not human are you?" The monk asked.
"Most certainly not. What is your name by the way?" I felt a little insulted.
"Miroku. And this is Sango." He pointed to the demon slayer.
"Pleased to meet you." She said.
There was a yell of pain. I looked in the air and saw that one of the birds of paradise had they're mouth on Koga's arm. He couldn't get out. "Oh no!" I gasped. I started jumping up the mountain to were he was. When I got there, there was a tear rolling down his cheek.
"Help me. Please!" He whimpered.
"Brother look! The woman has two jewel shards!" One of the bodies on the bird said.
"Think of the power we'll have if we get her's!" The other shouted in glee.
I growled and jumped a little higher. "Try to get this!" I lunged at the bird and kicked some of its teeth out so then Koga would be able to free from its grasp. The bird of paradise groaned in pain as Koga fell from the sky.
I dove right after him and grabbed him. "Your welcome." I said as we landed on the ground. He grunted.
"Hey Koga! Time to see some real power!" The mutt snapped. The same wave that killed my boyfriend looked stronger, almost different. The bird disolved into the air. "Now about taking Kagome...." He walked towards us. "Hey, isn't that the girl you saved after I killed her lover?" He asked.
I lunged towards him and put a knife to his neck. "Damn right. And if you try to kill me or Koga in his wounded state I will give you the same fate you gave Hiten, you stupid mutt." He raised his blade and put it on my back.
"Inuyasha! Sit boy!" Kagome shouted. He fell to the ground face first.
"Ow! What did you do that for!?" He muttered in the ground.
"Tinari, take Kouga and the others back to their cave before Inuyasha tries to hurt you again." Kagome commanded.
"Wait. Didn't the bird of paradise say she had two jewel shards?" Miroku asked. I sighed. Great.
"Tinari, were did you get the second one?" Inuyasha asked.
"From you, I've had one in my forehead for a long while. Hiten gave it to me as a gift." I took the one from my back off with my claws. "Here, you can have this one back, I don't need it anymore." I gave it to Kagome. I helped Koga off the ground and bowed. "See you later priestess." Then we walked away from the small group with the rest of the pack. Hopefully I'll be able to help mend Koga's arm.

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