Kiss But Don't Tell

Kiss But Don't Tell

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Chapter 1

11 years ago.....

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3rd person POV

Sonia Mason, the proud mother of two children and the loving wife of a successful Doctor, quietly watched her 5 year old son, Hayden play with his Navy battle ship.

He seemed so engrossed in his little make believe world that she couldn't help but smile adoringly. Her eldest daughter was away at school.

Mrs.Mason was waiting patiently for the arrival of the two young children she had agreed to watch for a few hours that afternoon.

The mother was a fellow co-worker of her's who just started working at the company and was awfully nice. She had chosen to work extra hours due to money crisis and didn't have a place for her set of twins.

Sonia was told that the children were both 5. The same age as her beloved son, Hayden.

"Are they gonna play soldier with me, momma?" hayden asked. showing her one of his tiny green soldiers. his cute chubby face looked excited with the thought of making new friends. His hazel eyes shone green due to his favorite green shirt.

she smiled brightly down at him,"Of course, sweetheart." she said just as the door bell rang.

Sonia stood and went over to the door, Hayden jumping up and trailing right behind her, eagerly.

"Nikki!!" its so good to see you!!" Sonia exclaimed to her co-worker who now stood outside the door.

"Thank you so much, Sonia. I hope they wont be a handful. you kow how twins can get." Nikki said with an apologetic tone.

Sonia waved her hand in a dismissive manner. "nonsense! these two look like perfect little angles. they will have fun, trust me."

Nikki told her two children goodbye, and gave each one a quick kiss on the head before leaving. Sonia closed the door behind the two and turned towards Hayden.

"look whos here to play with you, hay." she said, gesturing towards the set of twins.

Hayden raised his eyes up to look at the two children standing near his mother in curiosity. One was a boy with deep brown eyes and dark floppy hair. He had cute little dimples in his cheeks as he smiled.

"Is that a navy ship?" the boy asked hayden who grinned along with him. "yep!!" he said proudly and placed the ship in the boys hand.

"whats your name?" Hayden asked, picking up another one of his army men for himself.

"Ringo." the boy said. He then looked back where a small girl stood, just behind Mrs.Mason. "And thats my baby sister, Randi."

Sonia gently pushed Randi from behind her. urging her closer to where the boys were playing, "dont be shy, sweetie." she said in a soft tone.

Hesitantly, Randi took a few steps forwards and Hayden watched her in an intense way. He had never seen a girl so pretty before..

She seemed too pretty to have any cooties like the rest of the girls at his daycare.

Her big brown eyes watched him, waiting for him to make the first move.

So Hayden did. He glanced down at the tiny soldier in his hand and extended it towards her to take.

"here."he said, dropping it into her small open palm.

Randi began to stare at the little green man in her hand. she looked up at hayden then,"what is it?" she asked in a quiet, shy voice.

"its a soldier." he answered simply, going back to pick up an airplane for himself.

With a small smile, Randi joined Hayden and her twin brother in play.

......too bad these three wont be playing like this for long. things change over the years.especially in your teen years. and that is when our story begins. when these three all become 17.

i know its a flash back of before but i need something different!! so tell me if you like it!! AND BE CRITICAL IF YOU HAVE TO. this is a grade xD

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