The Vampire Diaries (A New Story...)

The Vampire Diaries (A New Story...)

Ally wakes up in the Salvatore house. What happened? She's still confused about it. But Damon seems to think it's all a joke. Elena and Stefan, arn't as impressed.

Chapter 1

Chapter One...

I gasped when my eyes opened. I was in a living room with a high roof, a big fireplace and vintage couches. A persian carpet lay under a old wooden coffee table.
"Good morning." A deep voice said behind me. My throat burned. What the hell happened last night?
"Shh." The man said. He had jet black hair which covered his ears, and striking blue eyes. He had a crooked smile and was wearing a black t-shirt under a black leather coat. Then all the memories flashed back into my head. The bar, the alley, him creeping close to my neck, the pain, the blacking out... And that was it... "Don't ask me a lot of questions please."
"But, what happened..." I mumbled. I rubbed my throat, "I'm thirsty." I croaked.
"Yes. I am too, actually. And nothing really happened. I drank your blood, you drank mine, I killed you, and now you just have to feed! Don't worry about it."
"What...?" I asked. This guy had to be on something.
"You're thirsty you said?" The man asked, then he tossed me a dark red liquid package and I caught it with reflexes I never knew I had.
"Blood?" I stared at the package. It was as if it were taunting me, I normally never would do this, but I bit into it and drank every last drip.
"Atta girl!" The man yelled, "I think we will get along. I'm Damon." Suddenly he was standing in front of me, he moved with lightning speed.
"Why'd you kill me?"
"It was an... accident." he shrugged.
Just then a couple walked through the door arm in arm and laughing. When they saw me, they stopped in their tracks and the guy muttered, "Damon."
"No." The girl said, she shook her head, "Damon did you..."
"Change her? Why yes I did Miss Gilbert." Damon said, "Stefan, Elena, meet ..." Damon motioned me to say something, "She's shy. She mentioned last night her name was Ally."
"Damon, I thought you changed." Elena said. She ran her hand through her long brown hair, her dark brown eyes looked sad.
"Damon." Stefan said seriously, "As if you didn't learn from Vicky. I thought you would realize---"
"She's different." Damon wined. Damon was older then the other brother, it was obvious, but he was getting lectured from the younger brother.
"What--.. What the hell is going on, please someone---"
"Your a vampire." Damon said. Suddenly I felt a pain on my gums. I let out a moan and threw my hand to my mouth. I felt my eyes go bloodshot, "Ow!" I yelled.
"The change is complete!" Damon said happily, "Congratulations."
"Damon! This is not a joke." Stefan said seriously. Suddenly Stefan was next to me, and he was soothing me through the pain. "Take deep breaths." He said. I did as I was told and the pain passed.
I looked over at the girl. She was still standing by the doorway, and she didn't look scared. She didn't look like a 'vampire' either. Her eyes were sympathetic, but her movement showed she'd seen worse.
Elena looked up at Damon, shook her head and walked out down a hallway.
"She'll get over it." Damon shrugged. Stefan looked at Damon seriously.
"Damon, you get over it. Messing with people's lives is not a joke. How do you know this girl doesn't have a family that will miss her. Do you know how much she'll be leaving behind, and how many people will be hurt by this?"
"None." Damon said. "She told me she knew no one, she moved from Canada."
"Damon. That's not the point. She is now your responsibility. You are going to watch her, take care of her, and help her. I'm not cleaning your messes anymore."
They were talking as if I weren't in the room. Damon looked over at me and cautioned me to walk over, "Come here, pet." He said.

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