fate |fāt|
1 the development of events beyond a person's control, regarded as determined by a supernatural power

Chapter 1

Ch. 1

I was sitting at the back of the room, my eyes watchfully on Aiden. He was talking to some guy I've never seen before, and taking his sweet time. I was nervous about missing my bus, and at this point, I was thinking of leaving him here. I walked towards the door, brushing past Aiden and the other guy.
"Aud!" Aiden called after me. I stopped in my tracks and slowly turned around.
"Mhm?" I asked, I looked at the guy who he was with. He was tall, muscular, had olive skin and blue eyes with long eyelashes. Not so bad.
"Where are you going, weren't you going to wait for me?" Aiden asked with a pout. I rolled my eyes. We always walked to the bus together, because we were on the same bus.
"You were taking to long." I shrugged.
"Okay, I'm coming, but first, Audrey this is Dean."
Dean smiled down at me, "Hey." He said.
I smiled back, "Hey." I said. Dean outstretched his arm towards me, and he shocked me.
"Ow." I said, rubbing my palms. Dean blushed,
"I have no idea how that happened."
"It's fine." I laughed. Aiden looked like he was going to explode with laughter.
"Oh. It's been so long!" He gushed, grabbing us both by the shoulders and hugged us. Dean looked questionigly at me. I shrugged. I was kind of used to his behavior after 2 years of being best friends.
I pulled away from Aiden, "So you're new here?" I asked Dean. He nodded and was about to say something when the bell went off.
"Oh we should get going." I told Aiden. Aiden was about to say something before I started walking off. After he said his good-bye's to Dean, he caught up with me.
"Well that was rude." He complained.
"So was leaving me standing there for 15 minutes." I shot back. Aiden smiled,
"How do you know that guy anyways?" I asked him.
"Dean? Oh, he's in Geo with me. You guys will like each other." He said, beaming. I ignored his comment and searched for my bus.
"If you say so."

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