Not So Much a Slave than Toy (Emo love story)

Not So Much a Slave than Toy (Emo love story)

Alright, my first love story, or quiz that will actually have mild dirtiness in it. It doesn't really make sense to me whatsoever but the basic plot you'll need to figure out on your own. And this character isn't based off me or anyone I know.

Chapter 1

My mom WHAT?

"Jeanie! Come downstairs please!" My mum shouted. I slammed my headphones onto the bed and yelled out the door,
"Just come here!" Was her angry reply. Ever since I had turned to rock, screamo and grunge music it had made my mum hate me. It reminded her of my dad who is now in Jail for r*pe. I swept back my razor slashed bangs and stomped down the stairs, making sure my music was on loud enough to annoy her.
"What do you want?" I asked walking into the kitchen. I looked up. She wasn't the only one in the room. There was a tall emo looking guy who looked only a year older than me (I'm turning 14 next month). He caught my attention and I pulled my bangs over my face to hide his gaze that seemed to never leave me.
"I'm selling you." She said curtly and short, like she wasn't even in the same room anymore. "I can't take your blasted music, your depressing gettup and your attitude anymore! So I found Derrick," She pointed to the guy "He is a lord's son from Scotland. His parents have been looking for servants, I only expect you to come back when you learn to respect me." She turned away and set a duffelbag on the table. I packed your clothes and I want you out of my sight as soon as possible." So thats where all my clothes were going!
"Wait, mum, you can't just sell me! I'm your daughter! And you especially can't sell me to a guy thats only 15!" She didn't turn to look at me, but simply said
"you're not my daughter anymore Jeanie." and went back to filleting salmon. Derrick grinned devilishly and grabbed my duffel bag. He came up and threw me over his shoulder and started walking outside. I let myself fall limp. I knew this day would come, and I wasn't going to struggle. I just never imagined that it would be my own mother to let me go like that. The headphones around my neck settled over my ears as I bounced on Derrick's back. Marilyn Manson was playing and I closed my eyes, Letting the lyrics sink in. Derrick stopped at a limo parked outside the house, a very tall old man rushed to open the door. Derrick set me in one of the seats and slid in after me. I scooted as far away as possible from him and lay down, just staring at the floor.
"I don't think the name Jeanie suits you." He said in a light voice that made my heart flutter "from now on your name is Raine." and threw a small smile at me. I nodded and looked at the floor again. "Albert!" He shouted to the cab driver "How much longer til we're to the airport?" The old man looked back at us through the mirror.
"About another half hour my Lord." He said. Derrick sighed and grabbed a water bottle from the mini fridge in the corner. I reached in my hoodie's pocket and pulled out my Ipod, I turned it up to full blast and looked out the tainted black window.
"You won't be allowed to have that back at the estate." He said and held out his hand. I grumbled and slammed it into his fist. It was still blasting Disturbed songs. He turned it off and put it in his pocket.
30 Long and Silent minutes later, we arrived at the airport. The chauffeur opened the limo door for us, and we stepped out.
"Stay close to me." He whispered in my ear "For now, Albert is my grandfather I was visiting with my girlfriend, thats you, and he wanted to see us back to Scotland safely. I already have our passports." I just nodded again and he grabbed my hand. I had to bite my shirt collar to keep from shouting at him. For some reason, I felt love and hate for him at the same moment, and I hardly knew him.
Derrick pulled me up to the counter with him, and they weighed my duffel bag and did the stuff they normally do at an airport. Another half hour later, we were ready to board the plane. We were in second class, as Derrick said that he was "in cognito" and many people actually belived we were dating, because of the way we dressed. Both of us were wearing My Chemical Romance shirts and Skinny jeans. I hated that people were so stereotypical. I ignored all of them and watched the television that was in the aisle.

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