Butterflies (A new romance novel)

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

I've known him for a little while now. Almost a year in the summer. I don't know what it is about him that makes my heart sink to the floor. Could be his dark brown eyes. Or his muscles. Or his charming personality. Or just that I'm completely in love with him.
Every time he comes up to talk to me, I get happy. They say crush's last around on average 4 months, anything longer, means you're in love. And I'm completely over heels. But would I ever tell him that? No. I couldn't. He won't look at me the same. And he's always rambling on about some other girl. He doesn't realize how much it hurts me.
No one knows this. Except 1 person. My best friend Charlie. I tell Charlie anything and everything, because he's always been there for me in the worst and best of times, and he's good with advice.
The guy I've been rambling on about, is a boy named James.
I'm a complete fool around James. I have butterflies in my stomach, I stumble, I stutter, I'm speechless. I have it bad.
But I'm going to make him want me. And I'm going to tell you that journey.

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