Little C, That's Me! (girls only)(part 6)(a CB love story)READ INTRO

Little C, That's Me! (girls only)(part 6)(a CB love story)READ INTRO

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IMPORTANT NOTE!: i said chris would be gone for 2 weeks because of his audition. instead im changing it to 1 week instead of 2. thanks!!!!
~ Kat :D

Chapter 1

BIRTHDAY!, photoshoots, and the late show with David Letterman....

i woke up nice and late at 12. i walked downstairs in my pajamas.
i walked in the Kitchen and heard everyone yell "HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELSEY!" i was so scared i screamed and fell backwards on my butt. everyone laughed and i joined in. Justin came over and helped me up. i laughed and hugged him. i hugged Caitlin and Mr.Beadles. and we sat down and ate the best pancakes i've ever had. i spent the rest of the day opening presents. i got a check from my grandparents, clothes, a new laptop, the new iPhone 4, and dad even had Grandma send me one of moms old necklaces. it was beautfiul. i loved it. i instantly slipped it on. it looked amazing. after a while i had to go get ready. i was supposed to be on the late show tonight. i was kinda scared. its only my 3rd interview and i really dont want to say something stupid and have the entire world hate me...on my birthday! oh did i meantion he didnt know it was my birthday? and by he i mean David Letterman. i got dressed in and i must say....i looked adorable. i walked downstairs and everyone wanted pictures. Justin was going with me but he was undercover. he was wearing a black wig, with green contacts, and (you will never believe this) eyeliner! he was going as my goth friend Luke. it was hilarious. when i saw him i nearly cried from laughing so dang hard. i got a few pictures and posted them on facebook and twitter from my new phone, which case just happened to be my favorite color....Turqoius bedazzle!!! i know that sounds girl but its gorgeous. i love it so much. this is by far the best Birthday ever!!! and it doesnt end here. i get to see my dad and grandparents tomorrow! i got in the car and we drove to the Studio. thank goodness Kenny came with us. their were girls everywhere. and for once they weren't for Justin. they were all for me. there were tons of screaming girls. and guys! i even got a picture with 2 guys and they kissed my cheek when the picture was being taken. it was cute. eventually i made my way into the studio. and was backstage. this episode was live, so if i mess up they cant edit it.....scary. it was time. i walked up on stage and shook hands with dave. and here is how it went:
D: so today we have Miss. Kelsey Cruz with us.
K: hi smiles
D: so Kelsey, you are on tour with Justin Bieber?
K: yes. but we are actuall on break right now.
D: oh really? thats nice. is it nice to have a bed and a room to yourself?
K: yeah. i mean i had my own bed, but i didnt have my own room on tour. but tour was still awesome.
D: are you sure, i mean you were with Justin just kidding
K: laughs actually Justins really nice. he is like my big brother. he will literally call me "sis" and i call him "bro" we are all one big family.
D: do you two ever fight?
K: do we fight? sometimes. but never anything big. just small stuff, and it doesnt seem like fighting. its just us having a serious conversation. laughs
D: what is the most annoying thing about Justin?
K: most annoying thing? um........he is really protective of me. like sometimes, if he doesn't like what i'm wearing he will make me change. like he hates it when i go to the store in pajamas or something. but thats pretty rare.
D: sounds like a typical Big Brother.
K: yeah. he is really sweet. im an only child so its nice to see kinda what it's like to have a brother.
D: thats nice. can i show this picture of you and Justin?
K: um...i dont know. laughs what picture is it?
D: turns picture so you can see
K: oh! laughs go ahead smiles
D: this is a picture of Justin and Kelsey when they were in Hawaii on tour..
(pic of Kelseys oufit in pic:
audiance: awww
the picture was of me on justin back at the beach and we are both laughing. it was cute
D: and this is Kelsey tanning and Justin about to do something mean....
justin was holding an air horn behind me as i laid on a towel and tanned
D: and this is Kelsey...well.....winning.
pic of Kelsey holding Justins ear and Justin bent over with his mouth open
K: laughs actually Justin and i have this competition going to see who the best scarer is. so far we are tied. he was trying to scare me but i'm too smart for that. smiles
D: laughs so wht grade are you in kelsey?
K: i just finished my freshman year of highschool.
D: how was your first year of highschool?
K: the same. laughs i was homeschooled for a while until my mom died. then i went to public school for about 2 years until i became famous.
D: you mother died?
K: yes. back when i was 10. she had breast cancer and she passes away in february of '06
D: i'm so sorry.
K: thank you. it was really hard at first, but i had a great family, friends, and God to lean on so it turned out alright. smiles
D: are you a christian?
K: yes sir. since i was 4.
D: good for you. so Kelsey how old are you?
K: i'm 15 smiles
D: when is your birthday?
K: um..its today. smiles
D: today? well then...happy birthday to you!
K: thank you! smiles
D: so what did you do for your birthday?
K: um i slept in late, and had an amazing brunch with friends, and then just hung around and came here.
D: what did you get for your birthday?
K: oh gosh, lets see...i got lots of clothes and shoes, a new phone, a new laptop, money from my grandparents, and tomorrow im going to get my permit.
D: well, sounds like you had a great day. in fact i know you love sour candy?
K: yes i do. i love candy of all kinds but especially sour candy.
D: is it true that when you were younger you sat and ate sour candy every time you watched what a girl wants?
K: laughs its true. i watched that movie 27 times. no lie. smiles
D: 27?
K: yup! everytime i was sick, or i was on break or something my mom and i would sit and watch what a girls wants and a bunch od disney movies. smiles
D: well warner bros for you birthday, along with Hershey, has put together a gift basket with all the movies featuring amanda bynes, along with a giant stack of Sour candy. even some candy not ever released!
K: are you serious? oh my gosh! thank you so much!
D: thats all we have time for today. do you want to make a quick shoutout before you go?
K: yes. Jusin, thank you for always being there for me. caitlin, your awesome. scooter, you rock. grandma, grandpa, thank yu for taking me under your wing and telling me to never give up. and chris, kick butt in your audition.
i walked off with my gift basket and hugged Justin. "you did great!" he said. i just smiled. "now come on! caitlin left this for you! you need to change because we are going to a super fancy dinner." he said and shoved me into the girls bathroom. i changed. oh my gosh. caitlin is a genius! i was wearing and it looked totally and completely sexy. too bad the one person who i even care about seeing me like this is time for sadness now! im about to go to a fabulous dinner! i walked out and just in had moved my gift basket into the car. thankfully no girl were attacking us. just screaming and such. we walked to the car as fast as my heels would allow me. and we drove to this giant club. what the heck? i just followed Justin. i walked in and it all came together. as everyone yelled happy birthday, i felt stupid for not seeing this earlier. it was a surprise birthday party. oh my gosh. i covered my mouth and willed myself not to cry. i walked down the stairs to the actual floor with Justin. i was just dancing when someone tapped my shoulder. i turned and i couldnt believe my eyes. it was a tight black dress and black pumps. her red hair was in a really pretty twist bun, and she was on Ryans arm. this night was perfect. except for one detail. chris. he was still in Florida for his audition.
1 in the morning i was in bed. i was wearing my pajamas and i had just finished packing for tomorrow, (i leave at noon) when i got a skype call from Chris. i hastily answered it. convo:
C: Kelsey! i'm so glad i caught you.
K: Chris! hi, what time is it there?
c: like 4 in the morning. i have to practice a scene in an hour.
K: at 5 in the morning?
C: ya. the scene takes place at 5 in the morning so my acting coach thinks it would be a good idea to practice it at 5 in the morning.
K: oh. ok.
C: so what did you do today?
k: your dad made me breakfast, hung out, was on the late show (dont worry we taped it for you), and i went to my surprise party.
C: did you get another #1 hit or something?
he seriously forgot my i didnt think it would hurt this much. but it does. it hurts more.
K: no Chris.
C: then why would you need a surprise party i mean besdies a birth--.....OH CRAP! ohmigosh! Kelsey, im so sorry! i can't believe i forgot your birthday.
K: chris, its okay. you have a lot on your plate. i understand.
i may have said that with a smile but on the inside i feel like crying...
C: no its not okay. i was gone on your birthday. i totally forgot. i can't believe this. thats why you got that weird look when i said i was leaving yesterday! you were sad i was missing your birthday. why didnt you say anything?
K: i didnt want you to miss your chance at this movie just because i had a stupid party. its not that big of a deal. im only 15. im not 16 or 18 or 21. 15 isnt that important.
C: no matter what you say, it is too important. i will make this us to you. i swear. i have to go, but i'll see you thursday?
K: ok. bye. smile
C: bye. smile
end of convo.
"love you too" i said under my breath. i closed my compuer and packed it with my other stuff for tomorrow.

~ Thursday ~
i was sitting at home with Caitlin. she was tied to a chair and i was holding a nife. now dont freak out. i was practicing for a scene im doing in NCSI. im supposed to be the derranged girlfriend who is killing her boyfriends ex's. so caitlin said she would run lines with me. i fixed my hair and got into position. "now, what do you have to say for yourself?" i asked. "i dont know what i did!" she answered me. "SHUT UP! you know exactly what you did. you went out with MY boyfriend. you little homewrecker! you should be ready to pay the price!" i said and Caitlin screamed as i pretended to move the knife towards her and stab her. "WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?" we heard someone yell from the doorway. we both turned our head. there was Chris. "Chris!" i screamed and i went to hug chris. "woah not with that knife!" he said and backed away. i was holding a giant butcher knofe. "you dont want to hug me....fine. goodbye forever Chris." i said. i took the knife and stabbed myself, in the side. i crumpled, and dropped the knife, blood started pouring out of my side. "KELSEY!" chris yelled and fell to the floor beside me. "yes?" i asked sweetly. i opened my eyes and sat up. he was so confused. i just laughed for a minute. i picked up the knife and aimed it at my head. it just crumplet and bounced back. it was a stunt knife. and i lifted my shirt slightly, i had a packet of fake blood on my side."it was fake? the whole thing?" he asked. "yup! and you totally fell for it! i guess i am a good acctress after all!" i said and giggled. "nicely played miss Cruz. nicely plaid. can i speak to you alone?" he asked. i nodded and walked onto the back deck with him. then he....................

next chapter: what chris does. the news. and a photoshoot.

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