Chapter 1


Andrea folded her arms and slumped down into a pin stripped couch. She took a sip of her drink and listened to the music. She looked around at all the couples mingling, kissing, and girls checking guys out. She took another sip and pulled out her phone.
10:00, seriously? She'd been here for an hour and was already bored. "Jamie, where are you.." She murmured. She tilted her head back and shut her eyes.
"Having fun?" Andrea heard someone say,
"No." She grumbled. For all she knew she could be talking to the host of the party, but she really didn't care. Andrea lifted her head up and took a peek at the guy next to her. He had dark eyes, and even darker hair. He had a couple light freckles, and shaggy hair, "Are you?"
"Hm." He thought for a moment then shook his head, "not really no." Andrea smiled and leaned her head down again, "Your friends ditch you too?"
"Friend, yeah."
"Ah, why'd they go?"
"Said he was getting a refill for us."
"How long ago did he say that?"
Andrea checked the time on her phone again and laughed, "10 minutes ago."
"Maybe he got lost?"
"In his own house?" Andrea smiled and looked at the guy next to her, "I'm Andrea."
"Liam." He said, he extended an arm, "Nice meeting you."
Andrea took her cup in her other hand and extended her arm, "You too. You know Chris?"
"Host of the party."
"Oh, no." Andrea raised an eyebrow, "My friends know him from somewhere."
"Ah," Andrea nodded. She looked foward, and from a distance saw Chris pushing through the crowd, surely enough he had 2 red plastic cups in his hand. "Well well, look who's back." Andrea laughed, accepting the glass,
"Sorry. Said hi to everyone."
"Don't worry about it, Chris, this is Liam."
"Hey, you want a drink?" Chris said, looking at Liam,
"Nah," Liam said, "Don't drink."
"Ah, good for you man." Chris nodded. Liam smiled and stood up, he was shorter than Chris by many inches. Chris was past 6 feet, and Liam only stood at his shoulders. Andrea stood up too. Even though Liam was shorter then Chris, she still had to tilt her head back to look him in the eyes,
"I think I'm gonna go." Liam said, putting his hands in his pockets,
"So soon?" Chris asked.
"Yeah, I should go, brothers home alone."
"Liam, do you mind giving me a ride, too?" Andrea asked, Chris looked down at her and raised his eyebrow, "English assignment." Chris nodded, and Andrea looked back at Liam hopefully,
"Yeah, absolutely."
"Thanks! 'Kay, I'll see you monday Chris." Chris nodded and gave Andrea a quick hug,
"Alright, lets go." Liam said, walking ahead of her. Andrea turned and started following Liam. Suddenly it seemed like the whole world was pushed in one room. Since she was only standing at 5 feet, she would quickly loose Liam so she grabbed a hold of his shirt. Liam turned around, surprised, and when he saw it was only Andrea he smiled and continued walking.
When they walked down the road and found his car, Liam opened the passenger side for Andrea. Andrea stopped in her tracks and looked at him funny, "Sorry, habit." He said and blushed. Andrea smiled,
"Well, it's a good habit." She said, climbing in,
"Oh, thanks." Liam said, shutting the door behind her. Shortly after they were both in the car, driving down the road,
"717 Maybridge." Andrea told him, Liam nodded and turned a corner. The drive was quiet, but Andrea really didn't mind, after listening to music throbbing in her ears for an hour.
"Here we are." Liam said.
Andrea unbuckled her seat belt and turned towards him, "Well, is this it then?"
"Is what it?"
"Are we never going to see each other again?"
"Well that depends."
"On what?"
"If you want to see me again." Liam said, with a smile.
"I do." Andrea nodded, "Give me your phone." Liam handed over his phone and Andrea typed in her number, "I'll text you."
Liam nodded, still smiling, "Counting on it." Andrea climbed out of his car, shut the door and started walking up her driveway. Before he drove away, he honked goodbye, and Andrea waved him off.

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