Why You?(Starkid Story)

So,peoples!Keke here with another story,this one is a starkid one obviously but it's gonna be awesome..Still can't decide whether it should be Walker or Holden...So,i will start writing now and we'll be all supermegafoxyawesomehot!

Chapter 1

Just Driving..

I drove.And drove and drove until i found my best friend's work.Of course she worked at starbucks."AH!There it is!"I laughed madly,and pulled into the driveway.I grabbed my purse,filled with all my money and phone,plus my ipod and a energy bar and went inside.Melinda turned as soon as i walked in."Popcorn!"She yelled and came around the counter and hugged me."I missed you so much!"She said."Me too!"I said.The only other person in there was this really cute brown haired boy with another guy.He had a hat on.Mel noticed me staring."That's Brian Holden and Joe Walker.They come in here alot."She whispered.Brian waved me and Joe turned around.OMG they were cute.Especially Joe..And Brian..weird.I suddenly got the urge to throw up."Crap!"I dropped my purse and ran to the bathroom
Brian's P.O.V
I guess Popcorn ran to the bathroom her hand over her mouth."That happens normally."Mel said and began picking up Popcorns things.Joe picked up her phone and accidently clicked the on button."Who's this?"He asked shoving the phone at Mel."Oliver and James Phelps."Mel said."Oh."Joe packed it in the bag.Popcorn came back all sick looking."Are you pregnent?"I asked."God no.I just haven't really been eating for the last 5 days,i've been traveling and spend all my little money."She said."What's your real name?"Joe asked."Popcorn."She said."Your real name?"I asked."Oh no!No,my real name's Mari.Like CaliMARI."She said."That's cute."I said.She smiled slightly."When can i live with you?"Mari asked Mel."Oh,well you see i have a daughter now.."mel said."Oh.Well,i'll just sleep in my car then.Out on a street.Where a gangbanger could kill me.A hobo could come steal me awaaayy.."With every step she was moving to the door."You can live with us."Joe said."Not what i was going for =,but okay."And so it began.We took her and er things to the manor and settled her in the bedroom between Nick and Matt.Across from Jim and Diagnol from me.And then,the best part came."What are your names again?"She asked."Joe Walker and Brian Holden."I said."Oh.well,i'm gonna go raid you cabinents now."She got up and went into the kitchen.Joe and I moved closer to eachother."I like her."Joe said."Me too."I said."Aww,little fanboy crush on me.."Mari said."How did you hear us?"Joe asked."I have spider powers.."She joked."What other powers do you have?"I asked."Many."She said and took a sip of a giantic Arizona Iced Tea."So,your the starkid group?"Mari asked.Joe and I nodded."Lauren Lopez,Rumbleroar,Starship...Those things?"She asked."Yes."Joe said."Hmm.It's too bad.I had an obsesion during my last year at college and yeah.But then,I got over it.Brian's still my favorite though."She said.My heart was beating fastly against my chest."Me?"I asked."No.Rosental.Squirrel dude.I really like Moses too.Possibly even just a tiny little but Jim.My fav girls are Lauren and Meredith."She said.My heart stopped.There was silence until Lauren,Jim,Nick,Julia,Matt and AJ burst in."YoYoYo!!Who's up for Julia's 21st Birthday?!"Jim yelled.

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