Why You?(Starkid Story)

So,peoples!Keke here with another story,this one is a starkid one obviously but it's gonna be awesome..Still can't decide whether it should be Walker or Holden...So,i will start writing now and we'll be all supermegafoxyawesomehot!

Chapter 2

I already feel like part of the big family.

"Ooo!Holden and Walker brought home a new girl." Jim said.I met all of them and Julia came up to me."The girls and I,are going to Olive Garden then after a bar wanna come?"She asked."I don't have any clothes."I said."Oh,i'm sure that lauren's clothes are gonna fit you,walker has a spare outfit of her's in his closet."Julia said and took my hand,leading me upstairs.I changed into lauren's black boots with her skinny jeans and a 'Little D goes to Mars.' t-shirt.

When i walked downstairs with Julia all the girls were down there.Lily,Brittany,Lauren,Devin and yeah.Lauren looked at me."Hey!Aren't you the girl that sang in Michigan?At the place by the UMich college?"Lauren asked."Uh,yeah i am actually."I said."OMG,you rocked!"She said."Yeah,Popcorn rocks,now get out girlies!"Walker said."Popcorn?"Devin asked when we got into the van."Nickname."I said.
I was sitting on the stool my guitar in hand.Microphone in front of me and a small audience there."Alright,guys.I'm going to sing a song.A very short song with only 4 lines."I said.
I like Popcorn.The crunchiness,the awesomeness.
Popcorn,an old child nickname from my friend.
Popcorn,a dog i named as my nickname also...
And the last verse goes like this..
I love popcorn.
"thank you people!"
"Wow.Nice song."Lily said."I know,right!"I said.They all laughed.Julia got us to Olive Garden and we got a table right away at the bar."So,popcorn..Like the group?"Julia asked."Yeah,they'll be real fun until i leave."I said.The girls all looked at me."Leave?"Brittney asked."Yeah.You couldn't possible thing i was staying."I said."Your brittish accent is funny."lauren said."Thanks?"I said."Why aren't you staying?"Devin asked."I just can't i have to go back home."I said."And where's home?"Julia asked.

"England."I said."Then why were you in Mich.?"Julia asked."Just visiting my friends.I used to live in the states.Texas actually.I feel like a part of me is missing."I said."Okay..Wait,did you say texas?"Devin asked.I nodded taking a sip of the coke."Why don't you have an accent?"Lily asked.I shrugged."Well,we'll have a talk with the boys tomorrow and see what they say."Julia said and fiished the conversation.

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