Why You?(Starkid Story)

So,peoples!Keke here with another story,this one is a starkid one obviously but it's gonna be awesome..Still can't decide whether it should be Walker or Holden...So,i will start writing now and we'll be all supermegafoxyawesomehot!

Chapter 30

A look into the future of Mr and Mrs.Walker

Today was my day.I was marrying Joe Walker.Since my parents weren't here,i made Joey walk me down the isle.
"Don't let me fall."I told him.
"Okay."he said,and fixed my tiara.It was light blue and silver.My dress was like a ball gown.Tube top,with the sparkles up until the waist.Thats when it turned into a poofy dress.It was real pretty.
"You look pretty.As always."He said.
"Thanks."I said,as we started walking down the isle.
"You may now kiss the bride."
I kissed Joe for a couple seconds,before he picked me up and carried me to the reception,Jynx trailing after us,the bells on his collar jingling happily.
I was now Mari Walker.

"How many months?"Meredith asked.
"5."I answered,rubbing my small hill.
"Have you decided on a name?"Holden asked.
"I like the name,Mani.But he wants Isabella."I said.
"I'd go with Mani.Mani Isabella Rose Walker."Lauren said.
"That works."Joe said,and kissed me.

"AH!Joe get this baby out of me!"I screamed.I heard crying.
"She's out."I said,and Joe helped me sit up.
"That hurt."I said.
"Well,you just had a kid.Of course it's gonna hurt."He said.
I smiled,and she was handed to me.She had bright blue eyes.Her tiny face was so cute.She had small black curls on her head.
"Hey,she's a mini darren."Joe whispered.I laughed.
"You just ruined my seeing the baby for the first time,experience."I said.
"Whatever.Let me hold her."
"No!I had her,i get to hold her.Go sneak me in some chicken nuggets from Wendy's."I whispered.

"And,so they lived happily ever after."I said,and closed the book.
"Mamma?"Mani asked.
"Is that story about you and dada?"Our adopted son,Seth asked.Joe named him.His favorite boy name.
"Yes.Now go to bed.Holden and Lauren want to come over tomorrow."I said.
"And,Joey and Darren,and Jim!"Seth asked.
"They are all coming over."I said.
"Do you think Lauren's going to dance with me?"Mani asked.
"Probably.They'll all dance with you.Maybe you can act out one of our,plays sometime."I said.
"I wanna be an actor just like you guys!"Mani said,happily.I tucked her in,and kissed her forehead.
"Are the guys gonna play trucks with me?"Seth asked,as i tucked him in.
"Yes.They'll play anything,with you."I said.I walked to the doorway.
"And in the morning..."I started.
"Your making waffels!"Seth and Mani giggled.
"Night guys."I said,laughing and closed the door.I went in bed with Joe.
"Making Waffels huh?"He asked,as i snuggled up to him.
"Yes.Everyone's coming over?"I asked.
"Joey's bringing the Red Vines."
"Nothing's ever complete without red vines."I said,and kissed him goodnight.Bubba Jynxers hopped up in the bed with us.He was now 7.2 years older than the kids.
All in all,my life was perfect.I would never give it up for anything.I loved it.
And we all lived Totally Awesome-ly.

/The End/

I actually really liked that story!Did you guys?

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