Good girls know best.

Chapter 1

Sitting on my bed, venting.

I hate her. I seriously do. I just can't stand her. I can't even look at her. Just the way she walks like she's better than everyone, and the way she talks like your worth nothing.. The way she looks at people like their a waste of space.
She's horrible.
And to be honest, I'm not just saying this because I hate the girl.. But why does every guy go crazy over her? Why?
Her long legs? Because, really other than that the girl has nothing.
And I'm just being honest.
She never holds on to any guys. She just uses and abuses them, and leaves them hanging for years. Seriously. She has like 20 guys at school alone that are still not over her, even though they dated all the way back in grade seven.
She's not even good to her boyfriends. While she's dating she flirts with every guy she see's.. She treats all of her boyfriends like a pet. Like a slave.. And they all fall to her feet and do whatever she wants them to.
She's like God of the Boys.
It's ridiculous.
And then there's girls who may not have long legs, but they have a big heart. Girls who can laugh at peoples jokes, and who show compassion. Girls who understand boys. Girls who get along with everyone. Girls who forgives and forgets. Girls who respect themselves. Short, blue eyed, brunette girls. Like me.
I don't understand why I can't be like her... No.. I'm not jealous, maybe a little bit, but seriously I'd like to know which girl isn't! It's not fair.
All the great guys fall for the stupid girls.
And what do I get? The jerks. The stupid, stupid jerks.
Love life... Why are you so complicated.

It's not only that she's bad to guys, blah blah.. More like she's just bad to everyone. Including me.
We've had this ongoing war going on between us for years. Snarly comments here and there. Dirty looks, whatever. I don't even know why. I don't even know how it started. Who cares?
I don't care if she likes me or not.. I just really care about one thing..
That Chris Shepard is falling in her web of lust and I can't have that. He's the last thing I believed in. The one guy that I thought was made for me. We're exactly alike, except the height thing. He's a giant.
But we can make each other laugh, smile, and just make each other happy. I can't even describe what I feel around him. But it was good. Really good.
I just made one stupid mistake.

Thinking he felt the same way.

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