We've Got That One Thing- A One Direction Multi-Love Story :)

We've Got That One Thing- A One Direction Multi-Love Story :)

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Chapter 1

Lenina Vagner

This part was originally written by http://www.quibblo.com/user/rustyrosy7:

"Nina darling are you going to want a ride to school this morning?"

I had just got out the shower and hurriedly packed my bag with my textbooks, pens, binder, cellphone, and wallet. I ran a brush through my tangled, short brown hair and ran up the stairs from my bedroom (in the basement). My boots hadn't been tied properly so I fell on my face and got carpet burn. "Uh, no, I'm fine!" I picked myself up and rubbed the bottom of my chin which was starting to sting. Today was a typical morning in my household and to be honest, I was going to be early as well.

Walking over to the kitchen, I grabbed a bagel and slapped on some cream cheese spread and jelly. "Morning Dad, Charlie," I said taking my seat at the kitchen island. Charlie was straddled into his baby seat and playing with his bowl of Cheerios. His brown wavy hair was thick and needed to be groomed. "Charlie needs a haircut, Dad," I said prying away the bowl from his head. Charlie laughed and kept hitting his spoon on his bowl. My dad looked up from the morning paper and pushed his glasses further up on the bridge of his nose.

"I'll be busy at the office and I've got to stay late for another meeting with my editor so you'll have to take him on your own time." I sighed and stirred my spoon around my bowl of oatmeal. "I had plans later though to go see a new film at the cinema!"

"I'm sorry Nina, but we're talking about your brother here, and this is far more important than some silly film." I got up from the table and lost my appetite.

"Fine, but you'll have to pay me back," I said grabbing my things. I was terrible at holding grudges, so I new this was a false threat. Walking over to Charlie I planted a kiss on his head and one on my dad's cheek. He pinched my cheeks before letting me go and I rubbed at them sorely.

"Ugh another day at Uni," I said walking out the door and to my orange vespa. I took a seat, adjusted my bag so that it was nestled behind me, and backed out of my driveway.

13 minutes later, I was walking through the halls and entered my morning class. I was very early and wondered why people were staring at my face...oh right, I almost forgot about my carpet burn. I pulled out a chair and took a seat behind some blonde girl.

"Can you believe One Direction is coming here to do a meet and greet?" She spoke into her cell phone. I rested my chin on my palm and rolled my eyes.

"I know they are amazing, I would just die if Zayn hugged me." I hadn't really heard of One Direction but they were very popular in London and apparently gorgeous. Mimicking her behind her back and sticking out my tongue, I got out a notepad and doodled, waiting for class to start.
Nina: http://www.polyvore.com/lenina/set?id=42847517

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