Eagel's Eye Veiw~ An Oliver Wood Love Story

meet Ellen Robertson, she's a ravenclaw with a bit of a competitive streak. when her and oliver wood go head to head in the house cup both as captains for the first time who will come out on top? and who will loose their heart?

Chapter 1


“Ellie, ellie, wait up.” I turned around to see my friend Alicia Spinnet running after me calling out the shortened version of my name, Alicia was in Gryffindor and not in any of my classes due to the fact she was in the year bellow me, but we had always been good friends “god, I used to wonder why you where in ravenclaw until I saw you in one of your day dreams, oh and when I saw you grades” I laughed along with Alicia, it was true although I was a ravenclaw a few people had said that I should have been in another house, but the same can be said for anyone, and I was a true ravenclaw at heart anyway. We walked past a mirror and I realized that my soft blond hair was once again falling out of its bun, I sighed and tied it back up, my grey-blue eyes seeming to sparkle in the process, if their was one thing I liked about myself it was my hair. Oh and my sporting abilities of course.
“Please say you’ll come speak to Oliver with me” Alicia Spinnet said her eyes going big, damn her I had ne resistance to people with big eyes.
“Why do you need me?” I asked as harry potter, a new celebrity first year, ran past with his red haired friend.
“Because Oliver likes you, his always nicer when your around, and I have to tell him I cant make the tryouts on Friday, I have a family meeting, and I am not facing that wrath alone.” I laughed and winced a bit at the sound of my laugh, my voice had always been a bit high and soft, but my laugh, like a lot of the rest of me, tended to remind people of an elf out of some lord of the rings story.
“The only reason Oliver goes nicer around me is because im on the ravenclaw quindich team, if I wasn’t he would yell at you the same amount, his scared that if he yells he’ll loose control and give away secret information.” I said evenly
“I don’t care what the reason is your coming!” Alicia stated and grabbed me by the arm and pulling me towards the great hall I sighed and went with her. We found wood sitting at the Gryffindor table in a heated discussion with another boy in his year over something to do with quidich.
“Oliver, I cant make the tryouts on Friday” Alicia said quickly from behind him before turning to run away, before she’d even taken a step however Oliver had caught her arm. With out even turning around he said in a creepily calm voice
“You do realize I need the whole team for seeker tryouts.” I could hear that he had the creepy manic look he got in his eyes whenever something went wrong to do with quiddich.
“Yes but as I was telling ellie over hear before” she said putting emphasis on my name “ I have a family meeting, you know what my parents are like” for the first time Oliver turned around to look at us, his eyes widened when he saw I was indeed there and he dropped Alicia’s arm.
“Oh Ellen, I didn’t know you where there, how are you?” I saw Alicia smile at me over Oliver’s head and I felt the temptation to point her out again but…. I’m a better friend than that, and I knew just the subject to take his mind of Alicia.
“Im good, but have you booked the pitch for Friday yet?”
“No, why?”
“Well, unless im very much mistaken the ravenclaw captain booked it for our tryouts.” I said with a slight smile on my face.
“Oh well, rowan George is a study freak, ill just get maconigal to have a test the next Monday and hell call them off” Oliver sounded a bit to cocky for my liking
“Oh, didn’t you hear, rowan graduated a year early, he’s not captain any more”
“Wow, that does sound like him. So who’s the new captain then” I could see Oliver’s eyes lighting up at the thought of competition.
“Me” I stated simply Oliver looked thunder struck, ‘well’ I thought ‘you cant be that surprised, who else would they give it to’
“Alicia, I want you at the try outs no…” he looked around to find that Alicia had snuck off while we where talking. “Damn her!” he said looking outraged “with you captain off raven claw and no seeker we may be even worse than I thought this year” I laughed and began walking off to the raven claw table.
“Ill see you on the pitch wood.” I yelled out as I walked off.

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