He's a Keeper ~ An Oliver Wood Love Story ~

Character Info:
Name: Amelia Lunsford
House: Gryffindor
Year: 6th (same as Oliver)
Wand: Silver Lime, Phoenix Feather, 11 1/2 inches, unyeailding
Hair: Long, wavy, and auburn
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5'8" - average weight
Patronous: Wolf
Qualities: Reserved yet outgoing, very social, proud, smart, hard-working, does not cry except for death, possess the 'Inner Eye'.
Background: Parents killed when 5, lives with uncle Tiberius.

Chapter 1

Back to School

Amelia woke up screaming. It happened again. Last year she had a dream about the big events that would happen at Hogwarts, it was her first real prediction and she didn't know what to make of it. But when she found out what had happened, she knew she had to tell Dumbledore.

This time she saw cold, blank faces of students. They weren't dead, but they weren't necessarily alive. She also saw a large stone room that had water on each side of a walkway. A large basilisk appeared, there was something wrong with it, but she couldn't tell. There was also a small black book, and a lot of blood. She wondered if she would be right yet again.

She wrote to Dumbledore, telling him about her dream. He told her thank you, and not to worry. She told her uncle, Tiberius, about the dream. "You're a seer, Amelia. Whether you like it or not." he told her. She was afraid to tell anyone else because they might think she was a nut case like Professor Trelawney.

Amelia waved goodbye to her uncle as she stepped onto the Hogwarts Express for the sixth year in a row. "Be safe!" he shouted.
"Always am!" she yelled back. She found her three good friends all in a compartment together, Alicia, Angelina, and Eloise. Even though Alicia and Angelina were two years younger than Amelia and Eloise they were still good friends. "I was just telling them about my trip to France to see my aunt and uncle this summer!" Eloise said excitedly, her short, blonde hair whipping her in the face.
"Wow that's great!" Amelia replied.
"You wouldn't believe some of the things they do in the streets there! It's bloody--" but Eloise was cut off by the sudden opening of the compartment door.
"Hello ladies," said Fred Weasley.
"Care to try some," continued George, his twin.
"Marvelous candy?" finished Fred.
"Ooo! I'll try some!" squealed Eloise, sticking out her palm.
"Eloise, I wouldn't do that if I were you." Alicia said, eyeing the candy suspiciously.
"Yeah, I don't trust them." said Angelina, looking over at the red-haired twins.
"Oh I'm sure they're just fine!" said Eloise, popping a round, purple candy into her mouth. She finished chewing and stuck out her tongue to prove that it was gone. "See! Nothing to worry about!" As soon as she finished her sentence her face turned light purple and, POP! Confetti flew out of her ears. "I take that back," she said, pressing her hand to her ears.
"You were a wonderful test subject Eloise!" said George with a sly grin.
"But next time," Fred started.
"Listen to your friends." They both said it at the same time with a wink and left the compartment.
"Sorry," Eloise said, looking down. She's always been easily fooled by the twins. She's not the brightest Gryffindor, but she definitely belongs there. She always stands up for what's right and is very brave.
"We're about there." Amelia said, using her inner eye to see them pulling into Hogsmeade soon. "We should probably change." The girls agreed and put on their Hogwarts robes.
Just like Amelia had predicted the train stopped shortly after. They grabbed their bags and went to find a carriage. Amelia was the last to leave the compartment and as she got out she accidentally bumped into someone. "Oh, sorry!" she said apologetically.
"It's okay, my fault." The boy looked up and recognized Amelia immediately. "Amelia? Wow! Long time no see ay?" said the tall, muscular, brown haired boy.
"Hey Oliver!" Amelia replied. The two had sat next to each other in Defense Against the Dark Arts and became decent friends last year.
"Here, let me help you!" he said, grabbing one of Amelia's bags.
"Thanks!" she said. They got off the train and found only one empty carriage. Oliver helped Amelia on, taking a seat next to her as well. Amelia looked at the grey, horse-like creatures pulling the carriages. "Do you see them?" she asked, dazing.
"See what?" Oliver asked, confused.
"The thestrals, they're pulling the carriage." she replied.
"Oh no, I think I've heard of them though. The only people who can see them are people who've seen--"
"Death." Amelia finished. "I watched Bellatrix Lestrange kill my parents when I was five."
"Oh my, I'm so sorry," Oliver said, looking at Amelia with comforting eyes.
"I've never met another student who can see them." she said. It was silent for awhile.
"I see the castle!" Oliver pointed out. Amelia looked up excitingly, Hogwarts was her real home.
Oliver helped her off the Carriage and they walked into the castle together. She looked over at him, he gave her a flirtatious smile and looked away. "Oh Amelia! There you are!" said Eloise, running up to Amelia. "Hello Oliver!"
"Hello Eloise," he replied, somewhat annoyed. Eloise had the tendency to annoy people very easy.
"Shall we sit?" Amelia asked, gesturing towards the Great Hall. The two nodded and they entered the large room. Amelia sat next to Oliver with Eloise and another Gryffindor sixth year next to her.
"Have you seen Harry anywhere?" asked Wood, looking around.
Amelia hadn't even thought about the famous Harry Potter. He was Gryffindor's star seeker, so of course Oliver would be concerned with his absence. "No I haven't." Amelia answered. Then she saw it, Harry and Ron had somehow missed the train. They took Ron's father's flying car, but something wasn't quite right. Her vision was blurred for a moment. Suddenly it was as if she could feel the violent branches of the Whomping Willow crashing into her. That tree is not a good place for a car and two second year boys, she thought.
"Are you okay?" Oliver asked.
"Yeah I'm fine, sorry." she answered.
After the sorting the feast appeared on the tables, everyone dug in. But the meal was soon interrupted. Snape threw open the large doors and walking behind him were none other than Harry and Ron.
"Found him," Amelia whispered to Oliver. The two boys quickly took their seats next to Hermione and Neville.
"Why are they late?" Wood asked, puzzled.
"Let's just say it involves a flying car, and a very violent tree." Amelia answered.
"Did you see them?" Eloise asked. Amelia nodded.
"See them?" Wood asked, becoming more confused.
"I have the inner eye, please don't make fun of me." Amelia responded, crossing her fingers.
"Why would I make fun of you? I think it's really cool!" Oliver said.
"You do?"
"Well yeah! You don't meet many people that can see into the future!" Oliver had a good point.
After everyone was stuffed full people slowly made their way to the common room, Percy Weasley, a prefect, leading the way. When he arrived at the portrait of the fat lady he said, "Balderdash." She nodded and swayed open, allowing the Gryffindors to enter.
"I'll meet you upstairs!" Amelia told Eloise, she agreed and headed to her dormitory. Amelia found Oliver in the mess of bodies.
"Did you...er...want to have breakfast tomorrow?" he asked kindly.
"I thought you'd ask." Amelia said with a wink. "I'd love to."
"Great, I'll meet you here then?" he asked. Amelia nodded and waved goodnight. She went up to her dormitory where her trunk was already placed at the foot of her bed. She barely got her robes off when she feel asleep, thinking about a certain 16 year-old boy.

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