To Have A Home - A Very Starkid Story

This takes place after the production of AVPM and just before rehearsals for MAMD.

Sorry if not all the facts and dates are spot on!

Let me know what you think!

Chapter 1

Background Info

Name: Sophie Ann Costello
Hair: Dirty blonde, long, light waves
Eyes: Light green
Height/weight: 5'7" , average weight
Age: 20
School: Sophomore at UMich
Major: Musical theater with a minor in screenwriting
Personality: Loner, quiet at first but crazy once you get to know her, playful, down to earth, humble, pushover
Interests: Music, piano, guitar, singing, dancing, acting, writing, outdoors, drinks a lot of coffee


I'm an only child, mainly because I was an accident. My parents stayed together though. My dad fixed people's air conditioners and my mom was a waitress. My mom was 21 when I was born, my dad 27. From what my mother told me, it was a long and drunken night.

It all started when I was five, that was the first time my dad hit me. He told me if I said anything to anyone it would only get worse, so I kept my mouth shut. It would happen about once a week for the next two years. I told people that I had fallen, run into the door, or on one occasion, been attacked by a squirrel when I was playing in the yard. No one ever even questioned the regularity of my bruises, or the fact that I was very anti-social. All the kids at school thought of me as that weird girl. I got used to it.

My dad got transferred to Michigan when I was nine. He hasn't beaten me in a while at that point. But sure enough, a few weeks after we moved, he came home drunk. That's when it would usually happen, when he was drunk.

My mom found out about what he was doing, but she didn't bother to stop him. She told me I deserved it, that I was a mistake. I hated my parents.

Most nights my father wouldn't come home until around midnight, those were the best nights. But every now and then he would come home early, and drunk of course. I couldn't do anything, I was too scared to tell anyone, I'm not sure why.

I did make a friend once I was in high school though. Her name was Kailey, she was the only one who knew about what my parents did to me. I spent most of my time at her house, her mother was more of a parent to me than I had ever known. We both really enjoyed musical theater, but my parents weren't for it. I had to lie about my whereabouts when I had rehearsal. I saved up all my Christmas and birthday money to pay for my costumes.

I had gotten the lead my junior and senior year, I loved being in our school musical. I made friends and people respected me. But my senior year, my parents finally found out my secret.

I accidentally left my script on the table when I got home from school. My dad found it. He was furious. He grabbed a sharp knife from the kitchen and threatened me. I hurried to my room and packed up all my belongings. I called Kailey and told her that I was coming over.

My dad saw my hauling all my bags to my car. "And where do you think you're going?" he hissed.

"I'm leaving! I hate you! I hate you both!" I yelled, my mother now joining my father in the living room. He was still holding his knife. He took a swing and cut my left bicep. I screamed and ran out the door, slamming it shut.

I drove to Kailey's with tears in my eyes. I told her and her parents everything. They took me to the hospital for stitches and called the police on my parents. They were both put in prison and I haven't seen them since.

I got a full ride scholarship to the University of Michigan in musical theater. It was the only way I could afford to even go to college. I inherited all my parents' money when they were put into jail, so I had enough to get by. I lived with Kailey the rest of my senior year, but sadly we went our separate ways after graduation.

She got into Yail, she was crazy smart. We lost touch during our freshman years at college, we were both just too busy. I still owe her everything, without her, I might not even be here.

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