this right???

This is about my friend, who I will codename Blue, her parents are crazy. Literally.

Chapter 1

Home Life

Blue lives with her two younger sisters, her real mom, and her step-dad. Her family is struggling financially to the point where they can barely put food on the kitchen table.

Blue's step dad has pushed her and hit her.

Last year on Blue's birthday, she was grounded, for no reason. Her mom is seriously a psycho.

A few days ago Blue realized that her mom had taken $200 out of her bank account without telling. After finally having enough, she approached her mother about the situation. Her mother proceeded to ground her for two weeks with no phone for disrespecting her.

Friday morning Blue has marching band at 7:45 am. My other friend, we'll codename her Orange, usually picks up Blue around 7:30. Well Blue's mom calls Orange right as she's about to Blue's house saying Blue doesn't need a ride. Her mother was supposed to take her, but left. She then said her step-dad was going to take her, but he wouldn't leave soon enough.

Blue had to run almost half a mile to school, and was late for band.

Her parents don't care enough to even try to get her to school on time.

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